Samstag, Dezember 29, 2007

2008 is lurking upon us :)

yesterday I got another cool xmas gift but the German post broke it, so it is on the way to post headquarters to be checked and hopefully they will re-fund madhatter, who send me a lovely thingy for my garden. If anybody knows where to buy just the glass-balls please let me know!

I haven't sewn a stitch yesterday but dyed some yarn for my firestarters, I had an early start for my supposed-to-be first project for 2008 and discovered, that the pattern didn't show at all.

you can see pics here in my German KAL post.

At first I coulnd't figure out how to do the pattern but elem-victor was so kind to help me ( even in my kind of tipsy state of beeing ;) ) via ravelry, so I figured it out! And I already ripped it and started a different kind of pattern from my Favourite socks book, which leads me to the list of things I want to accomplish in 2008

  1. Knit a pair of socks out of each of the 3 sockpattern books that I own

  2. Keeping track of what I have knitted and sewn incl. yardage

  3. Reduce my fabric stash. This year I have done o.k. with purchasing but I feel kind of overwhelmed by the amount of fabric that I own. To do that I want to sew at least

  4. 2 pyjamas
    1 pair of jeans
    the hoodie for rosie
    a 1016 onion anorak for me
    2 t-shirts
    1 blouse from the heringbone cotton fabric I own
    2 vintage garnments including "viva scandinavia"
    I think that list is doable!

  5. try out 6 new techniques for our sew-along which focusses on new techniques! I'd love to be able to do handworked buttonholes. First technique will be piping I guess since I have planned to make a blouse on our sewing weekend, which might look nice with piping. This goal is also there to make me use all of the great informations that I have from various books and magazines

  6. Put all the pics from our 2005 journey to New England into the picture books before going to visit Annika in the US next year!

  7. Continue to de-clutter (more on that soon!)

EDIT: ( I forgot stuff)

  • sew up my 2 ufos left ( the coffeebag-bag since I do have enough coffeebags now and the jacket which just needs buttonholes and buttons but with this I'm not alone :) )
  • make myself a needlecase from the fabric I got from my sp11 pal Katja
  • make my PIF gifts

And that's it. I hope to get some sewing done tonight after visiting Heikos godchild this afternoon, so that my in-between the days projects progresses inbetween the holidays. It is completely cut, so that makes life a lot easier!

If I don't post until the new year! Have a great new years eve and a lot of luck, happiness, joy and love to all of you for 2008. And thank you for beeing so great friends whereever you are. I love all your comments and I love reading your blogs and emails so much! Thank you for beeing just what you are!

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