Dienstag, Dezember 18, 2007

Go, went, gone

sorry everybody for my longer absence, I'm freakingly busy.
Somehow 50% of my closest family is born in december, work is horrible and I'm just exhausted, so there is not much time and energy left.

I finished the project bags and the vinnland socks. I haven't made a pic yet because there was no light since finishing and I started a baby hat for my nephew, ripped it out already twice and I also now, that I'm not going to have enough sockyarn remnants to finish it or the energy to finish it until christmas... I sooo suck!

The baby sleeping bag for baby Thora Ida is started and since there is quiet some handsewing involved I will continue to sew on it tonight since I want to finish this thingy till christmas.

3 of my 7 christmas parcels are shipped, the rest of my christmas mail was supposed to be done tonight... We'll see how I'll progress with the bias binding on the sleeping bag.

I hope to start on my patterncompany jacket after the holidays and next year will beginn with the casting on for the firestarters by yarnissima and some more infos on how I try to declutter. I'm making a bit progress, small progress but that is o.k.!

Here's now a pic of the project bags, all the napkins are now gone and the zippers and interfacing also came from stash, so I think that also qualifies as decluttering :)

I hope to post before christmas again! Till then, stay tuned!

btw. if you try to reach me via mobile/sms or so, my mobile is broken please try to send me an email instead!


bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

the bags out of the napkins are too cute! relax a little and make time for yourself too!!! hope you have a merry christmas and happy new year!

Annika hat gesagt…

Things are freaky crazy busy here too. Jennifer is about to give birth (in less than 2 weeks...), I am still hopping around on one good foot, work is hectic becasue I am manning the fort while my boss is on vacation... somehow, we'll all manage. Do find a little time for yourself if at all possible!

madhatter hat gesagt…

you've been really busy... the same over here - and still not finished.
i vote for christmas in july... ;)

(not really, though!)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hallo Tini
Ich wünsche dir eine nicht mehr so stressige Zeit. Du warst ja sehr fleißig.

Tany hat gesagt…

I can understand "freakingly busy"; I'm going through the same here... But at least you've been able to make some gifts, make something... I feel miserable because this year work has stolen all my free time and I was unable to make gifts for my family and some friends... I should have started on the gifts earlier, I'm afraid...