Dienstag, Dezember 25, 2007

I must have been pretty well behaved this year

since I got soooo many gifts from santa clause *zwinker*
This first picture shows most of my not hobby related gifts:

Some lush-goodness: a piece of the miranda soap they sell and a bath bomb
with it came a wooden stamp carved as a dragon from mumbay, India where my friend Birka stayed for a couple of months

A dvd from DH

a camisole and some body lotion from my in-laws. With the cami came a blouse but it was too tight at the sleeves. Note to myself: it is o.k. not to fit into a size s.... don't go on diet ( it is o.k to loose the extra gained pounds from christmas though)

A Wollmeise gift coupon accompanied by some great patterns from cookie a.

My secret santa in my part of the family ( we drew lots and every grown up just has to buy a gift for ONE of the other adults. A lot less stress and a lot more happiness as well as a lot less gift wrapping) gave me 3 books from my amazon wish-list
2 EZ (Elizabeth Zimmermann) books: the knitters almanac and knitting without tears. After hearing so much from all the podcasts I just had to have them
and the newest book ( I believe) from the yarn harlot. I had received the "at knits ends" books for st. nick from DH and I loved it, so I'm looking forward to read this one too!

And my granny in law just loves to see me knitting I guess, so I got Knitting nature and Favorite socks from Interweave knits!
And for my research on Mongolia ( yes I still plan to write the book one day....) a book about life in Mongolia.

Not on the pictures is the clothespine ( is that the right word? ) DH and I got from my in-laws too. I had told them we wished for it, altough I don't think DH would have put that on his list.
When my MIL asked what to give ME for christmas I jsut hold her: The special bodylotion and I would have been so happy with it.

Not on the pictures either is the other gift from DH. Tickets for the LOTR symphony concert.
A great idea if I hadn't had the same idea and gave him tickets too. Now we have 4 tickets for the same concert... heeeheee (hihihihihi)

Tomorrow I'll be doing nothing except knitting, playing games with DH, sewing and having just a peacefull second day of christmas since we've been driving from one house to another since dec. 22nd.... Tomorrow evening we'll be off to the cinema and watch "KeinOhrHasen" a German movie!

Have a great couple of days! I'm going to post my "what will I do next year!" list soon too!


Elemmaciltur hat gesagt…

OMG, I'm so jealous of you! Especially for the LotR concert!

karin hat gesagt…

Knitting from nature is so nice.
have a good time at the consert, maybe you can sell the two extras to "elemmaciltur"