Sonntag, Dezember 09, 2007

Important projects finished, more sewing and a bit of decluttering

Hi everybody,

my dear nieces birthday was today and I finished the princess Lillifee dress a week ago. Yay me!!!

Here's the dress without niece so you can see the details

I underlined the whole dress with a peachy cotton popeline because the rayon was too flimsy and I added the flower petals to make it more Lillifee instead of just princess ;)

And here's the model ( no face shot online sorry!)

It's a tad too long although I did cut it a size smaller in length then she is (110) and a size bigger in width (122) so the can wear some t-shirts under it. I added some silver decorative stitching to the hem, I hope she'll never learn all the curse words I used because of yarn breaks... *gnarf*

She really likes it and that is the most important thing!

While sorting thru a drawer in the dining room cupboard I discovered 6 all cotton napkins that were never used and the matching tablecloth is ahem well used and full of spots, so there was little chance that we would ever use the napkins. So they made it into my sewing room. I can hear you say "yes, but now they are stash and mess up your sewing area!"

To prevent this, I made something during the week (Decembre is one of the most hectic months of the year with 3 birthdays in my family ontop of all the christmas things...)

2 "anykine" project bags to be gifts for christmas (-1.5 napkins = 4.5 napkins) and I started making a dpn holder to be another christmas gift for some fellow knitter (-3 napkins = 1.5 napkins left and they will become something too soon!)

Another finished object is the finished babybag no.1. The other one will be next on my to-do-list since my friend already gave birth but with my hectic frozen brain, the project bags were the most I could do!

Maybe I'll cut the sleeping bag out tomorrow.

My MIL sings in a choir and had a concert yesterday. Before the concert and after that while beeing at my in-laws I managed to get some knitting done on my simple knitted bodice. Sleeve 1 done, sleeve 2 started! YAY! And the vinnland socks are growing too, just 20 more rows of pattern plus some ribbing. I'll finish them next week I hope, since there will be a lot of bus time next week!
Let's see if I can finish the simple knitted bodice this year too. That would be awesome. There will be some tv/knitting time till christmas and we are going to spend the second day of christmas alone at home too!


Annika hat gesagt…

What a pretty dress! I can see that Greebo approves of it as well.
That knitted bodice is cool - you knit so much faster than I ever will!

Kathleen C. hat gesagt…

I'm looking forward to seeing your finished simple bodice (looks great so far!) and hearing what you thought of the pattern.
I have that pattern too, and even have the yarn ready for it, but haven't started it yet.

Tany hat gesagt…

Wow, your niece's dress looks just like a dream! I can picture her bursting with happiness! You are her hero aunt!!!!

And you have been busy! So many beautiful things popping out from your studio!

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Wow Tini! You've been busy!
Your niece's dress is just amazing... The perfect princess/fairy dress... You must be her most popular grown-up!!

I love what you've been doing with the napkins. You are so efficient! Way to go!!

MariaDenmark hat gesagt…

ohhh - I love that dress - she is very lucky to have you! Did you get the sms I send you?
Hugs and love!