Montag, Dezember 31, 2007

The inbetween the days project: FINISHED

o.k. I have to admit, that I cheated a bit. Instead of a button ( which I don't have yet) I used a pin as a closure.
Here's a picture:

Here are the pattern specs.

As I mentioned I had to shorten the sleeves, they do have a cut on cuff, that you might fold over but I made advantage of the selvage of the fabric, which was nicely rolled

And this is a close up of the jacquard fabric.
Both fabrics were purchased at the PR weekend 2007 in Hamburg

In the upper picture you can she how I altered the pattern to have no ruffle in the back and how I shortened the pattern itself, altough my belly is sticking out in a weird way ( still 4 kg to loose...) I think it is more pleasing.

I lined the jacket partially. I did not line the sleeves as I wanted them to be pure-felt :) The facing is out of the same jacquard I used for the bodice. Do you think it is too much pattern for me. I'm usually a little more shy with patterned fabrics so I'm pretty unsure.

The hat itself was ordered during the pr-weekend too. It has become my favourite hat. The hatmaker has decorated the hat just for me this way. It is one of a kind and was afordable too. I love it!

Some stash gone, although pretty new stash and I still have some fabrics left but I have a cute new handbag patterns, so I migh make a matching bag, that I will never ever wear together with the jacket ;)

This post is dedicated with my sewing friends, who bears with me that I'm also a knitter.

The next post will be a culinary one since I have made some of the new years eve food incl. something with 16 thingies of garlic :) yummy! Have a smelly evening!


madhatter hat gesagt…

glorious! totally love this ^-^

nosupermom hat gesagt…

Looks fantastic!

Happy new year to you, too!

Marietta hat gesagt…

schön!!!!!!!the contrast jaquard is perfect with the wool

iris-julimond hat gesagt…

Wonderful, really. You look great.

Happy new Year for you, your hubby and the cats...



KayB hat gesagt…

That's lovely... really like the fabric combination! Have a happy New Year!

Annika hat gesagt…

Great fabric combination - you have a good eye for matching colors and patterns. I don't think it's too much pattern; I think it is just right. Love your hat!

Tany hat gesagt…


RuthieK hat gesagt…

Tini, the combination of the brocade fabric and the teal boiled wool works so well together. What a great jacket. And your little hat is so cute, you chose really well there. Its great to see what you have been sewing since the PR weekend. Regards RuthieK

chopsewy hat gesagt…

Beautiful jacket, beautiful colours. I love that hat!