Mittwoch, Dezember 26, 2007

The inbetweenthedays-project

Hi everybody,

since I still have a day off ( second day of christmas) I have time to blog again and time to knit and sew.

My simple knitted bodice is nearly finished! Both sleeves are knitted and I also have already picked up the stitches for the neckline. I need to sew in the ends and block it but the end is near and I might finish it this year!

After sewing so many very very easy projects I feel like sewing something *slightly* more complicated for ME. Most of my last projects have been gifts of some sort.

So here it comes:
This is the patterncompany jacket no. 04-265 Jacke mit Kapuze aus Walk ( which translates to Jacket with a hood made out of felted/boiled wool)
I'm going to make this jacket out of a tealish/greyish felt but with the side panels out of a jacquard fabric.
I already have made this pattern once, so this time I wanted the jacket to be different.
The size I'm using will be a 38 again, since the jacket fits well but I have shortened the whole jacket about 1 cm ( to start with) and I got rid of the extra width of the whole lower back part, so I'll just have a slight ruffle in the front but none in the back, since I carry most of my weight at the back parts of my body *giggle*
Here's a link to the pattern pieces.
picture curtesy of
Unfortunately my felt was not wide enough so I have to cut the sleeves on the crosswise grain and have to shorten them. I'll be playing with remnants of the fabric if I do have enough.
The front (incl. the hood) will be lined completely, so I added s.a. to the front and the lower back part. All other pieces have the s.a. included.
Not a really complicated jacket but better than sewing totes :)


Annika hat gesagt…

Hi Tini - I haven't started on my jacket because I can't seem to find the right kind of fabric here... :(

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Hi Tini! Hope you had a great Christmas. I just came home after a few days at my parents', and have lots of blogs to catch up with!

Have fun with your jacket. It is going to be beautiful!

karin hat gesagt…

My jacket is half finished.
I intend to do something about it in the near future.
´Mine is in the nice red felted wool-rayon from stoff and stil