Sonntag, Dezember 23, 2007

the last minute gift

Hi everybody,

I just have to show you the last minute gift, that was finished yesterday with headaches on the couch:
The norwegian baby cap
knitted from left-over scraps of yarn from various socks, around 50gr.
I made the size for a one year old child, but I'm not sure, it will fit my nephew since I met him today for the first time and he has quiet a head....
Knitting was easy once I got the right size of needles and did count right and not twisting the stitches when connecting it into a round. First time of magic-loop for me. WOrks nice. I need to get some more knit-picks tips for my firestarters I think....

I also worked some rows on my simple knitted bodice and have finished the lace part of the second sleeve while beeing at my in-laws for lunch and tea today. There might be more knitting time over the holidays. I hope to finish the simple knitted bodice this year.

Edit: I added the link to the pattern :)


Tany hat gesagt…

It looks FABULOUS!!!

Marietta hat gesagt…

what an adorable hat!
what pattern? or did you make it up as you went along?

nosupermom hat gesagt…

The cap looks absolutely cute! I love it!