Mittwoch, Dezember 05, 2007

Secret pal 11 is over!

And i got my last SP 11 parcel from Finnland!
Katja has packed another great parcel with a lot of goodies and German yarn. This yarn has seen a bit of Europe! Gorgeous gorgeous yarn from Evas Sockenwolle called sonniger Oktober. Katja wrote that it reminded her of the joy of gardening, that we both share (o.k. in my case is was digging out this year not too much gardening)
Then there was really nice fabric, so that I can make myself a holder for my circs ala Madhatter and some great iron on motives to embroider by sublime stitching.

And I have a treasure now at home. Golden knitting needles plus a svensk jule-nisser. Which is a christmas gnome. As soon as it turns cold I will also try out the nice smelling foot bath :) yay, warm feet plus knitting! The small card at the upper left is a very small adventscalendar! I love christmas...

(btw. I wrote todays entry for the adventsschneiderinnen The cat was not included in the package but Greebo was very interested in the hat Katja made me.

Thank you Katja for spoiling me so much. My Spoilee hasn't written yet if she received her last parcel. I will tell you whom I spoiled as soon as she posted!


Tany hat gesagt…

Wow, great gifts!!!!! Lucky girl you are!

madhatter hat gesagt…

oooooh! die mütze ist toll! :)
und der stoff! *schwärm*

nächstes mal muß ich auch mitmachen.... sag mir bescheid! ;)

Saskia hat gesagt…

This hat is ultra cool! But please, what is an SP???

Summerset hat gesagt…

What lovely gifts! Yes, I noticed that your kitty was curious about your new things!