Mittwoch, Januar 23, 2008

All that's left

of the fabric I bought for Rosies hoodie is this

The pattern ( an OOP Onion childs pattern ) calls for 1.50 meter of fleece or coat-fabric to make a childs coat. My piece of fabric ( a remnant so no chance of getting more) was just 77 cm long, so I simply cut off some of the length of the pattern and made a jacket that is hopefully long enough.
The construction was pretty easy and here it is:

I hope that Rosie will like it. If not, Annika please donate it to someone who needs it! So now I used all the fabric I bought at the PR weekend in October. Not too bad ( o.k. I still have leftovers from the jacket but I have to see what I'm going to do with them. No remnants with this one though)

I have to admit, that I procastinated a bit, so I took the jacket with me to finish it on our sewing-weekend. It's not too bad to go to a very lonely place with nothing around you to distract you except other sewers or heavy rain :) I also finished the muslin for my viva scandinavia dress and it fits well without big alterations!

Here are 2 pics from my little retreat ;)

And knittingwise: I finished my firestarter-socks and send them to Norway today. I became an SP11 angel and decided to give up my socks to make someone happy ( plus I send her some Wollmeise yarn ;) )

Yarn: My own handdyed wool/ramie blend. The base yarn was purchased from "Das Wollschaf" and has a very nice touch to it. It is slightly thicker than "regular" yarn.

On my needles now are plain vanilla socks for my Granny-in-law. Her birthday party is on sunday and I'm 3/4 thru the second sock. Cross your fingers that I'll make it. They are sooo boring to knit, so I also cast on "Friday Harbour" socks from "Knitting on the road" with the "sonniger Oktober" yarn that my sp11 pal Katja send me


Deepika hat gesagt…

OMG that coat is adorable. I remember that fabric :) Unlike you, I've done nothing with my solo fabric but I plan to sew it up very soon. The yarn is another story. I've used up quite a few of the yarn I bought at the PR weekend.

I love your firestarter socks. They look so high -end? I have to say that looking at all your stuff, makes me want to run home and knit/sew!

Keep inspiring us!

madhatter hat gesagt…

ein knuffiges mäntelchen! ^-^

Annika hat gesagt…

It is gorgeous! I think Rosie will be thrilled by it.
The pale aqua socks are really pretty. You have been very busy!

Jennifer hat gesagt…

Just a little update....Rose loves the orange jacket, she wears it all the time because it is soft. She also comandeered the blue jacket, so Rhiannon will have to wait to wear it! I hope you are well!