Mittwoch, Januar 30, 2008

I went over to the dark side

AND CROCHET without anybody forcing me except me and the thing I'm making for Rhiannon doesn't even call for crochet things but I had this yarn-left-over in my stash and wanted to make something with it and here they are ( ends not woven in yet)

but I made the same experience as usual: I prefer knitting.

As mentioned yesterday, I got my MILs stash and here it is

Marika Jo by Richter Kammgarn 70% Angora/ 30% Lambswool 100 meter per 20 gramm
I have 9 balls of this oooh soo soft yarn in hat nice dark pink!

Duvetine by bergère de france 70% acrylic and 30% alpaca, hence I think this was purchased in the 80s, who would mix alpaca with acrylic today but it is soooo soft too. 50g = 136m 8 balls in 3 different colours

grey mystery yarn 3 "skeins" laceweight I guess, will be a shawl for me

Cascata by Carl Schewe GmbH & Co Hamburg. I have a feeling that this is from the Hamburger Wollfabrik :) 51% Mohair, 49% Rayon 50g = 85 meter. Will be the print of the wave shawl that I'm going to cast on tonight!

Q & A

Isabelle asked if I had drank all the coffee for the coffeebag-bag.

Yes, but not yesterday and not alone. We do have a senseo machine in my office and a colleague and I use it pretty often :) I felt dizzy because of very very very low blood pressure... but I love to laugh so keep the jokes coming


Annika hat gesagt…

How freaky that you have been seduced by crochet! It is very very wicked! You must give it up immediately! If you don't you'll soon be crocheting berets and glasses holders and those kitschy toilet roll cover/Barbie doll dresses! Horrors! Truly, it is a bad habit. Stick to the sanity of knitting - take up naalbinding if necessary, but Do Not Succumb to Crochet.

madhatter hat gesagt…

oh, bad you! *g*

can't wait to see the shawl progress... the yarn looks incredibly soft!

elfenundkampfzwerge hat gesagt…

a toilet roll cover! yeah, that's what kiel needs.

*envy*, would like to visit the states, too. have a lot of fun over there and bring back loads of new ideas.

Art Tip hat gesagt…

Painting Tip

Try not to divide any element in your artwork in half. This especially includes the temperature of the painting.

What I mean is - it shouldn't be half warm and half cool. Warm colors are like fire - red, orange, yellow and brown. Cool colors are like water and grass - blue and green.

If your painting is mostly warm, add a little cool for contrast. If it's mostly cool, add a little warm to spice it up.