Donnerstag, Januar 31, 2008

over the pond and into the pond

o.k. let's start with the good news.
I'll be going to visit ( or better WE will going to visit ) Annika end of april. yeeee haaaa! Seattle, Yosemite & San Fransico we are coming. Anybody suggestions on where to get a good airfaire (without having to go thru Heathrow would be a plus because I plan on packing some knitting...)?

this were the good news, I will fly over the biiiig pond (=ocean for those who don't say big pond to the ocean like we do here in Germany... yesss, we are WEIRD *höhhöhöhö* I mean we have umlauts :) and selfstriping yarn and I can bet that the Germans invented funfur and eyelash yarn....

bad news:
I hate to knit it
I hate the fuzzyness of the mohair
I hate that you can't see any of the yarn overs even when stretching the d*mn thing.

so it has to go into the frog pond. Anybody interested in free yarn before I burn it ritually in the garden? o.k. not today baaaaad weather around here with wind arond 120 km/h

I'm off to work on my coffeebagbagbagbagbag


Maria hat gesagt…

Oh you are so lucky that you are going to see Annika - maybe you can convince her to come to Denmark in July (and then convince your self too)- we can have a mini vacation at my house :-)
Oh, and the mohair - I'll take it, if it's any colour you think I could use!!
Hugs and love.

nowaks nähkästchen hat gesagt…

Ne, so ein schönes Mohairgarn darf man nicht verbrennen! (Außerdem stinkt der Kunstfaseranteil. ;o)

Und viel Spaß jenseits des großen Teiches... Heathrow ist ja schon wegen des Umsteigens (wir hatten 75 Minuten Transferzeit vom einen Terminal zum anderen...) nicht lustig, aber Stricknadeln lassen sie schon in Köln nicht durch.

Adressen für billige Flugtickets kenne ich außer den üblichen Verdächtigen leider auch keine. Aber LA oder so könnte es doch als Direktflug geben, oder?

Summerset hat gesagt…

Tini - you're too funny. In my family we refer to the Atlantic Ocean as "the pond", too, especially in reference to flying to Great Britain and mainland Europe. I suppose it's because we've lived in Europe and my brother still travels between the States, Europe and the Middle East.

bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

oh oh oh soooo lucky! i went to seattle for 4 days and it was not enough! please do go to RED MILL BURGERS, they have veggie burgers too! The best ever! when are you going?

Lori hat gesagt…

You might try for cheap flights. It has really good tools that help you narrow down the choices.

Drop by the Bay Area thread on PR or email me ( if you want any info or help on SF area shopping for fabric (and yarn too). We could even try to schedule a BABES gathering during your visit (Bay Area Bash Expressly for Sewists).

Fabienne hat gesagt…

i just booked to san fran and seattle via, with lufthansa/united flights (for the end of march. dang will not be there at the same time as you). i tried through lufthansa's site directly but for the exact same flights it was 270 euros more expensive. so. ja. try!

yasmin hat gesagt…

guten morgen!

tini, du ahnst, dass ich dich gerade gar nicht mag? ;)
ich habe gerade gestern abend festgestellt, dass es schon über 10 jahre her ist, dass ich in NY war. die letzte reise in die USA? 9 jahre.

dass die cascata doof ist, macht es auch nicht besser, ich fand sie so schön. schade drum.

ich schicke besseres wetter - bei uns ist zwar grau in grau, aber so gut wie windstill.

(in English:
I just don't like tini right now. my last trip to NY was over 10 years ago, the last trip to the US 9 years ago.
Too bad about Cascata, I thought it was nice.
And I send better weather, no wind, in tini's direction ;))

Anonym hat gesagt…

Try here for cheap fares. It might be best to find their city office and visit them in person.