Freitag, Januar 11, 2008


Hi there,

I'm still too exhausted to post most evenings ( but I do read your blogs!)
Mostly I'm knitting. My first firestarter is done without major problems thanks to elem and the knitalong at the hobbyschneiderin, the second went very well too until I hit the gusset. I tried the sock on after finishing the heel: TOO BIG. I counted the gusset stitches and voilá 2 stitches too much on either side.

So I frogged the heel and 5 rows of the gusset ( I was happily frogging along and stopped one row too late) and knitted the heel again (today in the bus. That is the only part of this sock next to the cuff, that I can knit in the bus) and tried it on again.

(Long for F*CK!)

Pretty obvious, huh? SH*T

Only then I took out my measuring tape and measured the two gussets

Just a tiny difference of 2 cm....


It's already ripped out again ( by know I think I can make this heel in my sleep!)
but I think I'll be doing some sewing tonight. Rosies jacket is cut out and wants to be sewn!

btw. I got the notification, that the results of our gene-tests are there and that I shall make an appointment...


Elemmaciltur hat gesagt…

You know, I love Yarnissima...but I think that this pattern is cursed. :-p

madhatter hat gesagt…

gab's nicht schon ein errata zum firestarter? ich glaub, ich hab hier ein entsprechendes pdf rumdümpeln... irgendwo... wenn du's nicht hast, kann ich es dir gerne schicken.

nosupermom hat gesagt…

Errata? Ich will auch! (Ehe ich mich an de dritten Versuch mache...)
Das werden meine Frog socks!

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Sorry about the multiple frogging Tini! What a pain.
Your socks look beautiful nonetheless.

I hope you are enjoying your sewing. :)

Big big hugs to you - thank you for your words on my blog! They warmed my heart. Thank you!!