Dienstag, Januar 01, 2008

smelly new year everbody

Hi there,

I hope you all had a great new years eve, whereever and however you spend it ( Elem, I was sorry to read your story. I hate when people go mad with fireworks!)

We had a delicious dinner with 6 friends and 2 wee ones :) I made something with this

chopped 16 cloves of garlic don't look too much do they?
I made home made alioli with them. Wayyyy too much but so tasty. And I made mojo

I do have pictures but they are on my camera, which I left at my friends place. All in all we had a nice evening, pretty uneventfull and stressless as I had hoped it to be.
Today Heiko and I already spend 2 hrs listening to the newest Tamora Pierce book "melting stone" which was published first as an audiobook before beeing released as a bound book. Heiko did some ironing while I was knitting on my firestarters.

The pic is yesterdays picture, since then I have made a bit of progress and I'm already at the gusset!

And I grapped the chance yesterday to make pictures of the Vinnlands for Annika

Which brings me to my newest sewing project (sticking to the list but making the most urgend project first and since I want to mail the socks to Annika soon, I'll be making Rosies's hoodie next)

This will be the pattern 20010 from Onion.dk, that I already used for my nieces birthday gift LAST year. It is out of print, I'll scan the pattern soon and add a pic to this entry.

I can't even show you the fabric since I have no camera here... darn....
Cutting the hoddie out will be a challenge since I'm 15 cm short of fabric.... Piecing here I might come. Stay tuned!


Annika hat gesagt…

Whoo hoo!!!! Fabulous toasty-looky socks for my tootsies! I can hardly wait! Happy New Year!

Tany hat gesagt…

Happy New Year!!!!!!