Dienstag, Januar 29, 2008

The urge to finish stuff

Hi there,

by now you might have noticed, that I'm kind of weird

My friends think that too since I'm blogging in a language that is not my native language, I'm meeting with people I met over the internet all the time, I knit in public, I wear self-sewn clothing ( and the fact that I can talk knit and sew in another language really freaks them out some time) and I learn a language very few people ( compared to the number of people speaking Spanish or Chinese..) actually speak.

And at the moment I feel the urge to finish the projects that I have started. Weird isn't it. As I already mentioned on Miss Bs blog, I don't suffer second sock syndrom. Never have and I guess I never will be. With knitting I normally don't have more than 2 projects at a time. I finished my Gran-in-laws socks in time and did cast on the surprise for Rhiannon the same weekend.

And then there was destashing. Not on my side though but I MIL unearthed yarn from somewhere and since I'm the only one knitting or crafting in general in the family, I inherited it. Half of it went to the kindergarden my mum works at but the other half now waits to be photographed and uploaded to ravelry.

Amongst the yarn is a light blue Mohair-rayon mix in laceweight. Perfect for the print of the wave stole by Eunny Yang buuuut since I have already cast on another pair of socks I feel the need to finish Rhiannons gift first before I venture into more lace-knitting.

Same applies for the Viva Scandinavia dress. It still lives in the box it went into for transporting it to my sewing weekend because my coffee bag was lurking in the corner and giving me a bad conciences because I hadn't worked on it since running out of coffeepad-bags:

This pile did make my sewing room look even more cluttered than it really is. Geesh. So on friday instead of working on my dress I started on the bag. I already was pretty far when I ran out of bags ( which in the meantime I'm not anymore....)

So by the end of the evening I already had the pieces all covered by coffee bags and graded the sides

and by tonight ( I had problems with dizzyness the whole weekend so I spend most of the time I was at home on the sofa...) it looks like this.

The pile of teal fabric is the lining but I have to put in some pockets before I can assemble it and now I'm heading toward the sofa again to work a bit on Rhiannons surprise and hopefully I will make progress :) Plus the corner is less cluttered and cutting the lining also help destashing a tiny little bit.


yasmin hat gesagt…

Weird? I think it's perfectly alright to be weird :)

apropos clutter: was machen deine fotos? meinen keller gehts immer besser ;o)


Alexandra hat gesagt…

Cool-looking bag! And there's nothing wrong with being weird. I hope your dizziness goes away soon.

Annika hat gesagt…

Hmmm, I never noticed you were weird...I just thought you were brilliant.
I love those socks for your Gran-in-law! And the coffee bag!
I am sorry to hear you've been feeling dizzy.

madhatter hat gesagt…

willkommen in weirdo-land! ;)

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Your introduction made me laugh! We're a nice friendly bunch of weirdos out there. :)
I hope your dizziness went away.
Your coffee bag is almost done! And it is coming along very well.

And now a silly question, but it just popped in my head on reading your post: did you drink up all that coffee from the packs that were needed to finish the bag? Mmm, maybe that's why you were so dizzy. Sorry, I know, not funny at all. I really do hope your dizziness is gone and that you are feeling fine now!

alala hat gesagt…

An urge to finish things... huh. Wish I was that weird.