Donnerstag, Januar 17, 2008

Viva Scandinavia Part I

Do you remember my plans for my vintage dress?

It's time to start. Yesterday I met with my sewing friend Anja (blogless) and traced the pattern, since it is pretty fragile and I wanted to preserve the pattern.

To trace it, I used my all-plastic tracing wheel, which will not pinch the pattern.
I laid out my tracing paper and my blue wax tracing sheet with the waxed side on top of the paper. The back side of the wax tracing sheet facing me, I placed the pattern on top and weighted it down with what I had at hand.

Actually that was a lot easier at my friends house yesterday since she does not have 2 little helpers

The notches on the pattern became 2 straight lines on my tracing: I added the numbers and all the important hints later with a pencil

Be sure to label all your pattern pieces!

When I was tracing I discovered some little details, that makes vintage patterns so precious:

A shoulder dart! On a dress! And a adjust-shoulder-width-here marking

And it seems that I'm not the only one, who will ever make a dress from this pattern. There has also been a person in the past, who made this dress. And the person the dress was intended for was shorter than me, because the pattern was shortened at the "shorten here" lines ( by folding and sticking in pins! The pins where still there!!!) and she had more bust than me because the dart was adjusted that way.

These small signs make me feel connected to the or one of the previous owners of this pattern. Unfortunately I or she mislaid the sleeve pattern! YIKES. That means
a) pattern drafting or
b) morphing another sleeve pattern to the dress. We'll see.

I'll be on a sewing weekend this weekend and hope to make my muslin there and have all the other ladies help me make this dress fit!

Stay tuned for part II


Annika hat gesagt…

Oh, that is one of Mrs. Hope's patterns! The sleeve doesn't look too difficult to either redraft or replace. In addition to "inheriting" all her old patterns, I also got alot of her fabric scraps. Most of them were too small to do much of anything with, but it was fun to see what fabric choices she had made for her wardrobe over the years. I recently found a dress she had made for some sort of graduation or prom or fancy dance and the stole to go with it. I should post the pictures of them. She was an excellent seamstress. I do think she would be mighty pleased that a. her patterns are world travelers and b. someone is getting good use of her patterns! Incidentally, Mrs. Hope ended up working for Boeing for several years, in what capacity I don't know.

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Bummer about the sleeve! I can feel that you are going to have a lot of fun working on this though. I agree with you, working on vintage patterns that have been already used decades ago gives an extra special dimension.

Hugs and thanks again! :)

Garnprinzessin hat gesagt…

Katzenhilfe? Öhm. Ja. Ich mache da auch gerade so meine Erfahrungen mit... Habe übrigens gerade eine Riesenmenge von dem vorgeschlagenen Futter geordert...

Viele Grüsse von der


Summerset hat gesagt…

How exciting! I find a lot of interesting things in the vintage patterns that I get - pins, newspaper clippings, pattern pieces made from newspaper. It really gives you a connection to another sewer in another time.