Montag, Februar 11, 2008

Der Kaffee ist fertig!

For those amongst you, who don't speak German "Coffee is ready" but it was a slogan in a commercial here in the 80s.

The coffee is ready in two ways. The coffeebagbag is ready and was already admired by my colleguages (or however that is written)and a shop owner.... I'll post a pic when I have better light. There is no pattern for the bag. It's just rectangles sewn together. I might do a small tutorial but I haven't made any pics during the sewing and I think it might be a while before I make another one because it just does not eat up as much fabric as a dress.

Second coffee is "Karamellkaffee bei Bruno" which I custom dyed for andrea. She wanted some brown varigated yarn, so I dyed her some. It so reminds me of the caramell cappucino at the gelateria (Bei Bruno) in Strande. He also has so yummy icecream. You should really come up here some day (also nice fabric and yarnstores...)

So here are Moosachat und Karamellkaffee bei Bruno.

I dyed some yarn ( 4 skeins or so) during the weekend. The theme for the colours was gemstones. I'll update the shop soon (the yarn's still wet and I need daylight for pictures AND time for reskeining....)


Summerset hat gesagt…

MMMM . . . . yummy yarns!

Garnprinzessin hat gesagt…

...und ich soll doch so spät keinen Kaffee mehr... ;-)

Obwohl es ja eigentlich so garüberhauptnicht meine Farbe ist: Sieht sehr lecker aus! Und das ist ernst gemeint.

Liebe Grüsse von der


Alexandra hat gesagt…

Mmmm... the brown yarn looks absolutely yummy! Karamellkaffee indeed.

Annika hat gesagt…

I've been able to capture the color of your pale green yarn by using copper penny dye on white wool - that is, copper pennies steeped in ammonia for a few weeks will render a bright blue dye that colors wool anything from verdigris to dark teal, depending on the mordant I suppose.
That sumptutous coffee colored yarn is gorgeous. Wow! Your dyed wool is truly wonderful!

Katrin hat gesagt…

oh, das moosachat ist wunderschön!
Genau meine Farbe.
Und ein Karamellmacchiato wäre jetzt genau mein Ding...

Viele Grüße,

karin hat gesagt…

How do you do that?
Liked the brown yarn (I´m a brown person )
have the perfect project for the yarn I dyed at PR weekend