Montag, Februar 25, 2008

On decluttering....

here comes the looong promised blog-post!
Yes, I'm still decluttering. I'm taking baby steps but I guess it will be an ongoing process for me, since clutter seems to come back and back and back and back. And I stil need to establish more habits for me.
Some things worked out really well, like putting everything in the dishwasher as soon as it is used and not needed anymore. Making a cake? Put everything away as soon as you don't need it anymore. If the cake is in the oven, put the bowl and the mixer-equipment into the dishwasher and voilá, the kitchen does look neat.

I try to empty the dishwasher soon after it is done. Sometimes I let it wash over night, so I empty it the next morning. I make a small game for me, to make it more fun. I have a radio in the kitchen and I try to have most of the stuff out of the dishwasher and into the cupboards during 1 song. Works well!

The most chaotic room in the house is my room as I'm the chaotic person in this household. To get it more organized ( read: to be able to see the floor )I have found some stategies that work for me:

- every time I get into my room I pick 1 piece of stuff up and put it into it's propper place

- Let things go, that you don't love. I simply hated the blue yarn I got from my MIL and Maria wanted it, so she got it. Karina did not like some Kauni yarn, now it is mine! I had a coffeepad-maker that I did not use, now my friends co-worker has it and I got some coffee instead. I just went thru all of my sewingpatterns ( the ones in envelopes), I threw some away and some went into the "for my sewing group meeting" bin. Yesterday I took them with me and some of them found a new home!

- Be honest when you are sorting things out. Get help from a friend if you can't part with old clothes. There might be pieces, that you are unsure about. Put them into a box, write a date in 6 months upon it and if you did not need any of the clothes in the meantime, than donate the clothes to the red-cross or similar without opening the box. This also applys to a lot of other things like old schoolbooks and notes. It is nice to keep some esp. funny but ALL of them? For electronic appliances and furniture freecycle is a great way to get rid of stuff!

- Know what you have. I love my ravelry-account for keeping track of what I have yarnwise. I need to get something similar for my fabric. This way I don't forget what I have and the risk of buying something similar is reduced. This also applies for other areas like my make-up box. Why did I have 3 different jars of day-cream or 2 very similar blushes?

- Use what you have. I did tend to use my "cheap" make-up and lotions and stuff because the more expensive one is for "good"... HUH? Why should I not use my nice make up or the expensive shampoo from the salon? If it is empty and I can't afford new I'll buy the cheap stuff THEN. Note to myself: you don't need 5 different bars of soap either even if it is lush, there will always be more nice soap. Even soap does not get better with storage....

- Have a trash-bin near by the entrance and throw away all advertisements and catalogs as soon as you see them, if they don't interest you or read them and throw them away. If you found something inspiring, rip the side out and FILE it away right away.

- If you have a tedious task like putting in pictures into albums, make an appointment with yourself on a regular basis like "Every thursday when CSI is on tv, I'll put in pictures during this one episode" or " every time a new stash-and-burn podcast comes out like be ironing while listening"
This way you have an incentive and something positive to connect with a task that you don't like. Mine will be next " I will listen to the next sticks-and-strings podcast episode while cleaning the windows in Heikos and my room.

Do you have any more suggestions?


Garnprinzessin hat gesagt…

Recht hast Du... Aber es ist soooo schwer... ;-)

Liebe Grüsse von der

Garnprinzessin (Kosmetik-Horterin)

Marietta hat gesagt…

if i had any suggestions, my life wouls be less cluttered :)
i got rid of the second laundry basket - as soon as the one and only is filled, do laundry and PUT IT AWAY!!!

ps - love the coffeee bag - it is fabulous!

Alexandra hat gesagt…

I think you got it going pretty good. My suggestions are less stuff and more storage space. When we moved from Florida to Germany, we downsized from an 1800sq. ft. house to an 800sq. ft. apartment. Lot of fun that was!

Annika hat gesagt…

When I do the dishes in the morning, I try to get the dishwasher loaded in the same amount of time it takes to percolate a cup of coffee... I am still an incorrigible pack rat, though.

Debbie hat gesagt…

One way to really go through your clothing seasonally. Hang all your hangers backwards and as you wear items hang them up so the hangers are the "right" way. At the end of the season it's easy to tell what you haven't worn. Makes it much easier to get rid of stuff.

Maria hat gesagt…

No declutter comment (except I really recommend the way I handle the washing :-)) But just wanted to let you know that I'm fine, the meeting went well and I'm doing a lot better. Will call tonight or tomorrow. Hugs and love

yasmin hat gesagt…

hi tini,

heute auf deutsch, ich glaube, in englisch bekomme ich das nicht hin (in german today, i don't think i'll manage in english ;)

feste routinen helfen sehr. ich bin ja auch so ein jäger und sammler, mein mann ist ein ebensolcher und die kinder zeigen auch schon brauchbare ansätze. furchtbar...

das problem ist, die routine zu etablieren. wenn es dann gewohnheit wird, ist es ganz einfach.
du siehst den haken? - "wenn".

aber trotzdem, ein paar tips, die bei mir gut funktionieren:

fang gleich morgens nach dem aufstehen an, im bad sauberzumachen. mit einem gebrauchten handtuch das waschbecken/den wasserhahn/die dusche/die armaturen abwischen, mit etwas seife (egal welche, billige reste? ungeliebte duschgels?) und der bürste die toilette saubermachen, rand und brille mit besagtem handtuch abwischen. handtuch in die wäsche packen.
dauert zwei minuten und waschbecken und toilette sind immer sauber.

das mit der spülmaschine machst du ja schon. es erhöht den optischen aufgeräumtheitsgrad der küche enorm :)

wäsche (gerade mit kindern, die jeden tag x sätze klamotten brauchen...): jeden tag eine maschine voll, aber die von anfang bis ende, d.h. einsammeln, sortieren, waschen, trocknen, zusammenlegen, wegräumen(!).
sollte keine reguläre wäsche mehr da sein (das kommt vor, echt ;)), wasch etwas anderes. gardinen, sofakissen, jacken, turnschuhe, decken, was immer dir in die hände fällt und waschbar ist.

*seufz* wenn da nur nicht immer dieser schweinehund wäre, der der sich mit allen pfoten sträubt... :)

liebe grüße,

anea hat gesagt…

Every time you add something to your househiold something old has to go! You buy a new can opener because you like its design? Fine, throw the old one away! You are not willing to part with the old one? Then reconsider buying the new one!

When I fetch the mail inside and there are things to file I put them on the stairs at once so I can take them upstairs with me the next time. Same goes for other things to distribute in the upper floors (clean laundry etc.)