Sonntag, Februar 17, 2008


geesh, I feel awful today.

really! Headaches and cramps. Not a great mixture.

Yesterday everything was fine. The sun shone and the temp. was o.k.

We worked in the garden like mad and our japanese willow looks like this now

and as you can see, it is raining again today, so there's the reason for my headaches plus I might be a little hangoverish because we went to meet John Glaser of compass box yesterday evening. My christmas gift and it was a great evening with great food. If you have the chance to meet him and taste his whiskys DO IT. He's charming and the liquids are great...

Today is grey and cold and I'm whining.
But I updated my shop on dawanda with my new mini-series "gemstones" :)
Here's an example

other than that, there's a new secret project in the coffeebagbag but I can't show you the project since it's going to be a gift for somebody but at least I finally took a pic of the finished bag:

I also finished the second pair of fetchings from my artyarns handpainted stripes merino and I nearly got a second pair out of the skein but just nearly, so I now have a little stripe of the ramie-blend I used for Heikos Grannys socks on each of the fetchings since I was clever enough to knit both at the same time.... No pic yet, they all came out blurry as well as the pics of the new yarn I got ( a gift from KayBee from Ireland though, not bought!)


Garnprinzessin hat gesagt…

Och je... Gute Besserung erst mal. Die Wolle sieht traumhaft aus, aber ich darf mich vor unserem Swap nicht in Verführung führen lassen. Und ich bin natürlich auch auf den Inhalt der hübschen Tasche gespannt!

Liebe Grüsse von der


Alexandra hat gesagt…

Oh, Tini, the bag looks cool! And the colors in the yarn are just lovely.

Bobbi hat gesagt…

I LOVE that bag!!!!

Kerstin hat gesagt…

The yarn has very cool colours! Like ice and lavender with a spark of violets. ;)

Get well soon.

Tany hat gesagt…

Love the bag, Tini! I hope you feel better soon!

yasmin hat gesagt…

gute besserung, tini!

und schon wieder so schöne wolle... *seufz*
aber nein, ich färbe jetzt erstmal selber! die farben stehen schon in wartestellung, bis die wolle hier ist.

ich bin ja sehr gespannt, ob wir erfahren, was sich in der wunderbaren kaffeetasche befindet... ;)

madhatter hat gesagt…

ooooh... die garne sind SO schön geworden! respekt! :)
(an dieser stelle summe ich mein mantra: nein, du hast schon genügend... nein, du brauchst gerade nichts...)

oh, verführung! *soifz*

projektleiterin hat gesagt…

Die Tasche sieht toll aus! Und gute Besserung!