Montag, März 31, 2008

How to book a hotel :)

Hi there,

I nearly finished the needle case I started last week for *some* of my knitting needles. Somehow there are always too many plans for a too short amount of time PLUS since I picked up knitting again, that somehow slips into the time slots for sewing because it is more compatible with DH, tv or audiobooks  (plus commuting time ;) )
Anyhow I did nearly finish the needle case yesterday. I just need to get some ribbon for the closure and add a little handstitching then it will be done and the fabric for my next project is already drying after beeing pre-washed today.

I'll be making onion 1016 for my sister

Picture of Onion 1016 from where I get my onion patterns. Maria has English instructions for a lot of patterns!

Advantage is, that I'll be using some of the bulky knit fabric that I have in my stash. It is beige-burned orange heathered. I look horrible in that kind of colour :) For my sister, who's an autumn, it will be great.

Progess has also been made on my friday habor socks (ravelry link!) (already turned the heel)  and on my tomten jacket from last post. The socks had been in hibernation for a while now (after I forgot my knitting at my sisters place I somehow lost interest) but it was the only project I took with me to my sisters place AGAIN to spend the weekend there.

But what I wanted to tell you this time was my attempt on booking a B'nB in San Francisco for the time in May when we will be around.

First try: Golden Gate hotel. I had a really nice chat with the owner John via phone. Funnily his wife is German and from Kiel ;) they have cats and the wife is said to be a knitter (plus they were just around the corner from imagiknits in SF) I booked for 5 nights ( which btw would have been a mistake since we are leaving on the 17th not the 18th...)
Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding and there weren't any rooms available as John wrote me yesterday evening.

Second try: At 10 p.m. I called another BnB the ca. 1870 Inn or so. Completely booked out and as the owner told me: there's a convention in SF at the time *eek*

Third try: Inn on Castro. In the middle of the gay-district. Great reviews on tripadvisor and Heiko and I don't mind to stay in a gay BnB.  They had rooms available. YAY!
David (apparently someone who works there ) was so nice at the telephone. O.k. it was early afternoon for him.

10.30 p.m. Somehow I'm a dumbhead and mixed up the numbers of my visa-card. David was so nice and called me back. So we fixed that.

10.50 p.m Another call. my visa card was denied *eek*. Gave David my master card number.
(I checked with my bank today. They should have gotten the security code too...)

midnight: I was nearly asleep at this time since I get up at 5.30 a.m. David called again. This time his email to me bounced back. Gave him another adress ( it is handy to have a couple ;) )

figured out that I booked one night too much and wrote an email to David. I just hope he does not think that I'm a customer from hell.

I'm just happy that we now have a great BnB in SF :) I offered them to bring some sweets from Germany. I did not dare to ask if I should bring gummibears though ;)

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