Freitag, März 14, 2008

an open letter

Dear burda-designer and instruction-writers,

please forgive me because I lacked faith in you where I should have just believe
what you told me.
I don't know why it is so hard for me to just follow your instructions? Maybe it is the dozen times that you wrote "press dart to it's head" and I still don't know if darts have a head ( at least not in German!). Or maybe it is the lack of the marking of a bust-point that bothers me?
Ohhh I just don't know but now that I'm making the shirt
105 B from your august 2007 issue and I totally disbelieved your instructions on how to put on the front and backneck facing and called you a lot of not so nice names but in the end I decided just to go for it and try what you told me in the first place and although I hate to admit it:
you were right!

And I'll be off to rip out my really crooked zick-zack seam and I'll promise to use the the twin needle this time. I just have to spend a couple of hours picking threads from the seam-ripping... gnarf...

mmmh if I grow up I want to be Laura or Tany or Isabelle! ( long dark hair, great sence of style, talent and looooooong skinny legs ;) ) and not somebody who is too stupid to make a t-shirt and follow the instructions... gnarf


Summerset hat gesagt…

Funny, Tini. You know, I always assumed that the instructions were translated into English from German and that's why certain phrases don't make much sense. Are you telling me they don't make sense in German, either? I've never heard of darts having a head.

KayB hat gesagt…
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KayB hat gesagt…

Oh, Tini.... my heart goes out to you. But I also haven't a clue if darts have heads or not, I always press them 'upwards' because somebody either told me to do so, or I read it up.
And.... I strongly agree with you with the-growing-up-part: I, too, want to be one of those ladies, but then I stopped seriously growing at the moment :(

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Yes dear, darts DO have a head. ;)
I follow one rule.. press them so you can't look inside from the front view.
So usually I press them to the center back and front.

And don't worry.. I don't read the instructions either. Most of the time I'm right and I know what I have to do... *ggg*

Noch mal auf Deutsch... "Auf den Kopf bügeln" heißt eigentlich, man schneidet die Abnäher so weit auf wie möglich und bügelt sie dann auseinander. Das oberste Ende, was nicht aufschneidbar ist, das bügelt man dann flach. Mir wurde mal gezeigt, dass man dort eine dickere Nadel reinschiebt und die Spitze damit in die richtige Richtung drückt.
So wie hier:

Ansonsten bügelt man Abnäher und Teilungsnähte immer so, dass man von vorne nicht "reinschauen" kann. Also den Inhalt in Richtung vordere bzw. hintere Mitte.

Nina hat gesagt…

ohhhh yes. I know this cryptic instructions. But the good thing is, that after "burda sewing" you can sew patrones without speaking spanish - cause it makes no different!

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Tini, you cracked me up, as always!
Burda's instructions can be sooo misleading and confusing.

And I think you made a mistake in linking to my blog... Surely, you meant someone else? At 154 cm short, I definitely do not have long skinny legs, ROFL (thanksn though - you are so sweet, and reading my name on your blog - and next to Tany's and Laura's, gave me the warm fuzzies! :) )