Montag, März 10, 2008


Finishapalooza here in Dänischenhagen!
The viva scandinavia dress is done :)

Thank you to all of you who commented on the last blog entry! I appreciate each single comment. In the end I followed the majority and cut the dress so it hits just below the knee!

Here are the facts:
Pattern: vintage McCall's 5479 from 1960 that Annika gave me :)
I made View B
Size: 14.5
Fabric: Bed sheets in dark blue from Ikea ( 100% cotton) and a very old pillow case that my mum found at her place ( also 100%)

For the dress I made a muslin first and I just had to adjust the back a bit to allow for my sway back. But that was just a teenytiny adjustment.
And since I have short legs I had to shorten the dress around 9 cm. It still ends below the knee.

I also had to re-draft the sleeve since the sleevepattern was missing but with Janet Armstrongs ( or so ) instructions that was no problem.

Even a lot of handsewing was done for this dress! I started thread-tracing but then remembered that this might not be needed for an IKEA bed-sheet dress ;) but I inserted a handpicked zipper, I hand-overcast the front facing, the hem and the sleeves are hand-hemmed and the waiststay that is added (cool instructions by the way!) was also handpicked!

And here's the dress (minus me because I have severe headaches again and look horrible)

Heiko really hates it... not the pattern but the pattern of the fabric. I think it is funky! I'll get a pic with me in the dress as soon as I do look better :) I think this dress would work over a pair of jeans, what do you think?

Since my secret knitting project is finished knitting and just is drying upstairs in the attic I was allowed to start my new project:
Secret shell meets Pomatomus.

I have read so many disappointed reviews on our knitalong at the hobbyschneiderin, that I decided I would stick to the tryed cookie a. pattern from knitty and just knit all the stiches instead of ktbl and purl them. So far I just had to rip the socks once because I had used the wrong size of needles.

The yarn is hard to photograph or makes the pattern less visible but in truth the pattern comes out really well... The yarn is regia cotton, that I got from Kris during SP10.

O.k. that's all for today :) see you all!


Annika hat gesagt…

Wow! It is gorgeous! It would look great over blue jeans. I love the grey yarn, too. Oh, by the way, I gotthe Wild Ginger software at the Sewing Expo! We'll have to play with it when you guys come to the US next month!

madhatter hat gesagt…

I *knew* the secret shells reminded me of pomatomus - it's almost the same!

The dress looks drop-dead-cute, though I might add a more prominent buckle to the belt - the plastic one has a good size, but it should be in the accent color of your belt, that would add a bit more "arrrr" to it. ;)

btw: DANKE! ^-^ mail folgt...

Summerset hat gesagt…

Great dress! You did a fantastic job on it.

Sharon hat gesagt…

I love the dress! Both the style *and* the fabrics you used. Hope you feel better soon...those severe headaches are horrible to have to deal with.

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Your dress turned out beautifully, Tini! Well done!

KayB hat gesagt…

Oh yes, that's a really quirky dress. Quirky, as in cool! And it definitely goes with jeans!

Tany hat gesagt…

Wow, great looking dress! Well done, Tini!