Sonntag, April 13, 2008

april = finishing

O.k. it's just the 13th of april but this week was soooo productive for me (despite having b-day guests on tuesday, yesterday and today. More on my fibre-related gifts in a post to come)! btw. thank you for all the Happy Birthday wishes via Email, Hobbyschneiderin or Ravelry!

Last week on friday the cold I had for some days got worse and I felt just sick, so we cancelled all of our appointments for the weekend and I got to knit on my friday harbor socks!
I'm a member of the GO-WIP-GO group over at ravelry now and this keeps me focused ( not that I'm drowning in WIPs and UFOs anyway but still... the friday harbor were on hibernation for quiet some time now!)

I went to see my doctor on monday and was told to stay home from work until thursday, so lost of knitting/ sewing time!

The friday harbor were finished yesterday evening and since I had good light and a foot model here today, I'm able to show you some pictures!

Pattern: Friday Harbor from "Knitting on the road" by Nancy Bush
Yarn: "Sonniger Oktober" by Ewas Sockenwolle, 59gramm
Size: fits my size 40 feet :)
Modifikations: I just knitted 2 pattern repeats for the leg and I made a different toe since I hadn't read the instructions properly...

The yarn was given to me by Sobrina, my SP11 pal from Finnland. It is a yarn that is just 4 singles together without any twist, thus it was pretty hard for me to use, I did catch all of the strands most of the time but one of the singles did not pull out of the ball at the same rate as the others, so I had always some red yarn dangling around.

I haven't made this experience with the untwisted yarn on cones but I have this happen to me every time the yarn is wound into a ball.

Me, I think, I won't buy this yarn for myself again. I like the way it looks but it's just nerverwracking for me.

The other finished project is the Onion 1016 anorak I made for my sister:

Pattern: Anorak 1016 by Onion (Danish)
Size: 42 with a small fba. My sisters upper bust measurement was just 1 cm smaller than the size 42 but her full bust measurement would have been 10 cm more but I just made a 2 cm fba since I knew that the anorak was kind of roomy and I didn't want it to be too boxy. Without the fba and based on the full bust measurement I would have gone up to a size 46 or bigger!
Fabric: Bulky wool knit with a slightly felted look I got when a fabric store closed 2 yrs ago. ( so that was core stash). The colour would have been awefull on me but my sister looks good in it. Since my sister is sensible to wool I lined the hood and the cuffs with a dark green poly velvet, that Karin gave me on last years European PR weekend (from her stash to mine..) The velvet is now all used up but I still have around a meter from the bulky knit. (more on that see below)

For the German amongst you a note on the second picture:

"Deine Handtasche muss leben, Baby"

The little guy on the picture is my newphew Lukas.

I have remnants of both yarn and fabric and I'll be happy to send it to you if you like!
(Stuff for free!!!)

There are 50g of the sock yarn left. That should be o.k. for kids socks since I used just 59gr for my adult sized socks. It is wool/cotton and mashine washable.

There are 82 cm (plus another 80 but not the complete width but suitable for say kids sleeves) of the bulky fabric.

I'll be in the US at the end of the month and will have to ship the yarn that I just ordered at so a trip to the post office is still planned :) so if you are in the US, don't hesitate!

If you want any of the stuff just leave a comment, send me an email to tini(dot)schrott(at)freenet(dot)de or pm me via ravelry or the hobbyschneiderin!


karin hat gesagt…

Dark green polyester velvet??? Me??
I thought I had some ugly beige thing for the Ugly fabric swap?

Aud hat gesagt…

Fleissig, fleissig und hoffentlich wieder gesund!?


Annika hat gesagt…

Hmmm, was that the dark green silk velvet that I left behind...? I think there was also some other green velvet floating around there, too, though...hmmm...
Anyway, Happy Birthday! Your socks look gorgeous! Sumptuous!

Marietta hat gesagt…

happy birthday! sorry i missed it - work got in the way of reading my favourite blogs!
the socks are really nice - i like that book and have made only one sock so far (not a pair -just one)

madhatter hat gesagt…

schöööööööööööööööööne socken!

und wenn DIE handtasche nicht lebt, dann weiß ich auch nicht, Baby... ;)

projektleiterin hat gesagt…

Happy birthday, too! (I have a good excuse why I'm so late - I just didn't know your birthday. ;) )