Mittwoch, April 23, 2008

Before I go on vacation...

Hi friends,

I’m totally sorry, that I haven’t been writing in a while but Heiko and I are busily preparing our trip to the states We are leaving on Sunday and we’ll be visiting Annika for about a week! I’m so happy to see her again. And then we’ll be travelling for 2 more weeks!

The Tomten-jacket for Rhiannon is nearly done! Just ½ of the buttonband is missing and grafting together the hood. And since that was the only project on my needles I HAD to start 2 new (just for the flight… I checked with SAS and they do allow knitting needles on board).

So on my needles are:

Branching out in a grey mystery mohairy yarn, that my MIL found in one of her cupboards. I have 2,5 skeins and the half skein is already nearly gone and I’m just 4 repeats into the scarf. I have a hard time counting this one although it is an easy lace pattern. I guess it’s due to the fuzzyness of the yarn and due to the fact that the number of stitches changes nearly every single row.

Nutkin: I translated the pattern for Knitzi, so I need to try it out. The yarn is some sock yarn that a colleague of mine destashed to me, since she decided that sock knitting is not for her There are several threads over on ravelry stating that the socks are twisting like mad. Betty herself has made some suggestions over on flickr how to prevent the twisting. I’m just at the top 5 cuff rows and haven’t attached the cast on row to the live stitches yet, so I can’t comment on the twisting part!

I really have to get some knitting done, since there are quiet a few skeins of yarn coming to Annikas house for me. First Heiko gave his o.k. for “Durrow” a pattern once published on Magknits. Jodie, the designer was so kind to send me the pattern via Email as Magknits has closed it’s doors. And I got Stephanie Japels “Fitted Knits” for my birthday and want to knit the textured tunic. I ordered yarn from Elann for both pullovers.

Next Deepika wrote me, that she’ll be going to Webbs and if I need something! Sure! So now there’s also yarn for 3 booga bags (Noro as well as Plymouth which was on sale and did just cost half of what the Noro is costing).

When we’ll be in San Francisco I’ll be meeting up with Wondermike from y-knit. I won some Ravelry-things over at the y-knit podcast, so we decided to exchange stuff in SF Miss B (btw. happy b-day! ) brought some Wollmeise Laceweight at the Sauerlach market for me and I’ll be doing an exchange with Mike in SF AND we are meeting at Imagiknits, I guess I might be doomed (depending on what I’m going to buy during our trip thru Oregon and Northern California)…

I promised you an overlook over my yarny birthday gifts, so here they are:

Fitted knits from Stephanie Japel (from my husband…. I guess it’s love if your husband totally supports your habits )

A Gathering of Lace (from my parents in law)

The yarnlovers book on handdyeing (from my Granny-in-law)

Ralph Rucci book (from Kerstin, Saskia, Karin & Birka)

Knitting rules (from madhatter)

Dominitrix (From Darcy-Kerstin)

The books are all awesome, the dyeingbook does not give so many in-depth-informations as I hoped though. Most of the stuff I already knew… *sigh*


My sister makes me a label for the “Ostseegarn” shop, so these will look a tad more professional once I’ll be back to dyeing but that will have to wait until after the vacation!

Sewingwise there’s not much to tell. I’m working on a very time consuming gift and the recipient is reading there so no pictures or hints!


iris-julimond hat gesagt…

Hi Tini
I missed your birthday...sorry...
but i want to wish you wonderful vacations in the United States.



Åsa hat gesagt…

Happy belated birthday Tini! I hope you'll have a great time with Heiko on your trip! If you buy too much you can always buy an extra bag... :)

Hugs from Åsa

Isabelle hat gesagt…

I didn't know it was your birthday Tini! Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a good one. You sure got some fantastic gifts.

Have a great trip!

Pia Pessoa hat gesagt…

Hallo Tini!
Der BranchingOut hat mich am Anfang auch fast zur Verzweiflung getrieben - ich habe Umschläge vergessen oder verloren (vermutlich beim anschließenden 3-zusammenstricken) usw. Habe dann viele viele Reihen lang in jeder Rückreihe die Maschen gezählt (einatmen - ausatmen). Ach ja, ich hatte nach dem Anfang mit Mohairgarn dann nochmals mit Sockengarn angefangen und ein ganzes Stück gestrickt = Musterlernen. Dann gefiel es mir doch nicht so und ich bin zum Mohairschal zurückgekehrt (und konnte das Muster). Als es dann flutschte hat der Schal viel Spaß gemacht! Und nun ist meiner sogar zu lang ...

Schönen Urlaub!

karin hat gesagt…

Happy birthday and have a good time in the US. I´m not jealus at all....