Dienstag, Juni 03, 2008

crawling along the westcoast Part 1

O.k. here it comes:
Part one my looong travel stories.

Seattle and Puget Sound (Part one)

Last year Annika invited Heiko and me to visit her in the US and as German as we are, we took
her at her word and so we booked our flights and off the US we flew at the end of april.
Flying SAS was a nice experience but I still was really really tired once we arrived. I did say "hello" to Seattle from Ms. B though.

Immigration was quiet an experience after 18hrs of beeing awake. At least for me! First they made us line up in just 2 lines for international visitors and 6 lines just for the Americans. I guess there were 5 of them on board... But in the end we made it to the booth ( we were send to the "just for the Americans"-line though...) and this guy asked a whole bunch of questions
(Purple = him, black = me)

Where are you stayin?
At my friend Annikas place in xxx
Is she German too?
Nope, she's American
How did you meet?
oooh, I'm sewing and so is she and we met thru an international sewing site and became friends and have already met a couple of times ( me beeing chatty there...)
Blank stare
You said on this form ( for those who have never travelled to the US. You have to fill out a form and tell the people, that you haven't been a member of the nazi-regime and that you don't belong to a terror-group and all those question you would def. answer with yes ;) )
that you are bringing gifts worth XXX USD with you. What are you bringing?
OOOh I've knitted some socks and a shawl for my friend and then I do have sockyarn with me.
Uhm, aren't you a bit young for all this knitting stuff?
HÄ? Oooh nooo. Knitting pretty hip amongst well aducated young women and I belong to a knitting forum with over 100k members here in the US.
Are there a lot of single women on there?
Maybe I should take up knitting!

The first 2 days were pretty relaxed, we did some shopping and went to see a waterfall and the town were they shot "Twin Peaks".
I absolutly freaked out when we went grocery shopping and the fruit and vegetable department was as big as our supermarket here.

Annika lives in a cool house in a Seattle suburb with a friend and 4 cats. Her cats are sooooo coool esp. Gatto but stupid me did not take any pictures :(

Of course we went downtown and saw thing from space.

(actually its a museum)

and then we wanted to get into space and up the spaceneedle

And this is what I saw up there
Heiko und Annika

and from up there

seattle skyline

Since we were so high up in the sky one day, we had to go below the city the next :)
Seattle, as Ankh-Morpork, is built upon Seattle. Back when Seattle was founded ( around 100 yrs ago so it is ancient ;) LOL ) it was built below water line and after a fire, that destroyed nearly the whole city, it was rebuilt but higher, so that once enough gravel was brought there, the streets could be "lifted" and the ground floor became the basement and the first floor became the ground floor. Beeing down there was really cool and our guide "Shane" was a hoot.

I guess Terry Pratchett took that tour too, since the story about the seamstresses really sound familiar when Shane mentioned it!

seattle below

But since we couldn't spend the whole day down there, we went to Pike Place market to see the flying fish and we met these little creatures there too
pike street

One evening we went to see Corteo by "cirque du solei" and it was amazing. If you have the chance, GO SEE IT!

Annika also arranged a dinner for us and some friends and I got to meet Rosie and Rhiannon and Rosie was wearing the jacket I made her! YAY! Annika made us soooo feel at home! I also got the loveliest necklace from her and a whole bunch of vintage patterns (double yay!! ) and her roommate (housemate?) gave me a sari but I will post a post about all the cool stuff I got in the US later.

Stay tuned for part 2 and find out if I also was in the Netherlands



bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

Seeing these pictures is making me homesick! Looks like you and Heiko had a really fun filled vacation! That's hilarious about the border patrol guy!

alala hat gesagt…

Not me, nope. Not homesick at all...


Oh, and that last pic? I'm going to guess Skagit Valley, because they have a Tulip Festival in late April, early May-ish.

KayB hat gesagt…

Well, looks as if you had a really good time - looking forward to the rest.

Bobbi hat gesagt…

Amazing photos!

madhatter hat gesagt…

sieht ja toll aus - sehr beeindruckend! :)

zollbeamte und einreisebeamte sind doch was nettes... da kann man immer spaß haben, oder?! *gg*
daß du dich nebenher als singlebörse betätigst, wußte ich aber noch nicht. *sfg*

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Was he handsome or would knitting be his last hope to find someone? *ggg*

Cool pictures, I really like the view from the tower!

Alexandra hat gesagt…

That immigration officer was a funny guy! Sounds like you guys had fun on your trip.

Bloomsbury hat gesagt…

Yes, he could take up knitting. But with his OWN needles ;). Funny story, though.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I'm so glad you had a pleasant time in the U.S... Seattle is the town I always see in Grace Anatomy...

and seeing tulips in Netherland is one of the things I want to do in my life...

you're a lucky girl!!!

tiennie hat gesagt…

Hope you had fun in my neck of the woods!

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Maaan... You crack me up, Tini! It's great to have you back! Welcome home :)

Alicia hat gesagt…

Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! I miss Seattle!

And thanks for making my night with a Pratchett reference! I'm reading through Masquerade at the moment and loving every moment.