Donnerstag, Juni 26, 2008

fluke: finished


Actually they have been finished for 10 days now but without camera it's kind of hard to get a picture ;) But now my new camera is here, I just have to read the manual on cd first :( so I couldn't get the white-check-thingy to work and my pics are off-coloured a bit


Fluke by Alarming Female aka Laurie
Size made: 40
Yarn: Some Aldi-sockyarn remnant called Sportico. My mum had bought a whole bunch of yarn there around uhm 8 yrs or 10 yrs ago. I remember knitting huge socks for my dad out of it since my mum quitted knitting when I was 12 years old (and old enough to knit for myself if I wanted to) I used 50gr with all the modifications I made.

I read, that the fabric is very stretchy, so I’m used 56 stitches instead of 64. This helped with the yarn-shortage since this reduces the pattern repeat by 1 row.

For the leg I made 8 pattern repeats.

The heel flap is gorgeous but I also shortened the heel flap by 2 rows thus knitting 30 rows instead of 32 but they still fit fine.

As for the toe: I just started at the point where the pattern states k6 p1 (56sts) and it went fine!

I re-did the toe on the first sock after discovering that I’m obviosly to stupid to measure :) If I ever make this socks again I would make more stockinette rows before starting the toe since the beginning of my toes is still visible.

I even have yarn left :( the socks just took up 50gr of sockyarn with all the changes I made


madhatter hat gesagt…

ooooh, die sind aber schnuckelig! ^-^

ich liege mit meiner ersten bayerischen in den letzten zügen, die fordern echt viel aufmerksamkeit - kein tv-strick!

die sehen sehr luftig aus - wie tragen die sich denn in schuhen? rubbelt das oder ist das okay?

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Gorgeous socks, Tini! Wow!

Marietta hat gesagt…

oh i like these - very elegant!
i like the new look for your blog too :)