Sonntag, Juni 22, 2008

new look 6406 - no, I'm not pregnant!-

When we were in the states, Annika gave me a bunch of vintage/thriftstore patterns. Among them New look 6406.
From the PR weekend in Copenhagen in 2006 (?) I still had some red poly-knit in my stash and I decided, that this was the pattern for it. YAY, stash reduction (mmmhhh, did I mention that I was on the Dutch fabric market in Hamburg 2 weeks ago and that I do own 2 linenfabrics, 1 cottonjersey and another interlock now?....).

The pattern was pretty straight forward. I decided to make view c and did cut a size 12 according to my measurements and the sizechart on the pattern although I might have gotten away with a size 10. For my taste the ease could be a little less.

Before sewing I read the reviews on PR and this very helpful thread on the German hobbyschneiderin site.

My fabric wasn't wide enough, so I had to piece the lower part but I think the seam is hidden quiet well in the drape of the "skirt" piece (I really wanted to take a picture of the seam but my camera has decided that it needs to be re-charged after each picture, so I'm off to buy a new camera, this is also the reason why the picture below is so crappy. It was this shot or none!)

The only modifications I made was to make the front gathersection in one piece instead of sewing the centerfront parts together, gather it and sew the s.a. by hand onto the lining, so I machinebasted the lining and the outerfabric part in one continuous seam, gathered it and then sewed the seam with a reduced stitch length. Unfortunately it seems, that the gathers did "relax" a bit before I could sew the seam, so my bust-part isn't as gathered as planned.

As for the hemline on the sleeves and the skirt: I did not make a double turned hem as suggested. That would have worked for the skirt part, where I could have used the rolled-hem foot for my machine but the curve edge of the sleeves? So I just serged them with my serger using wooly nylon and a reduce stitch width (and the rolled hem setting), so my skirt is a bit longer and the sleeves are a bit wider since I could not be bothered with trimming of the s.a.

Since my work-life is a bit stressfull at the moment I found this pattern was a good choice for my "5-minutes sewing a day" schedule. It took me around a week to finish this top but if you have more time, this top can easily be made in an evening.

I wore this top yesterday evening as DH and I went out for dinner for our 5th anniversary. He really likes it! And now that I've worn it, I would really go down a size since the shoulders seem to drop easily off my shoulders and with that plunging neckline that's not something I would have happen often ;)

Again sorry for the crappy picture. Once I have a new camera I'll add nicer ones!

The lovely necklace is also a creation of Annika, queen of micro-makramé. Look out for her book, which is coming out sometime soon! I was so lucky to get one of her necklaces and I receive many compliments for it.

Btw. does that top make me look pregnant? I'm never sure if empire-tops are a no-go for non-pregnant people....


bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

I think empire waisted things have become the symbol of a pregnant woman. It is a shame though, because I like the look of it. I think it's funny that you put "I'm not preggers" in the title!! It looks great on you though!

nosupermom hat gesagt…

Well, I think it looks great!

About the "preggers" bit: Who cares?! In 9 months max. everybody will know that you were not :D

It suits you very well and you should absolutely wear it!

Adrienne hat gesagt…

It looks great!!!

madhatter hat gesagt…

ich find das süß und finde auch nicht, daß du schwanger aussiehst.
kannste absolut tragen, ist wirklich knuffig! :)

(ah, und die farbe... *hrrrch*!)

alala hat gesagt…

I really like empire-waisted things too, but Bockstark is right, it always makes people wonder. But I think you should wear it anyway. It looks great on you, and the color is fantastic!

Annika hat gesagt…

You could go down to a size 10 - that might take care of your idea that you think you look "preggers" (which you don't really - but the dress is slightly too big for you). Love the color by the way. It is so one of your colors.

Summerset hat gesagt…

It looks great on you! I love the red, of course, but it really does look fab on you.

Elemmaciltur hat gesagt…

Looks great. Not pregnant at all.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Right. You look great!

Saskia hat gesagt…

Glaube einer Fachfrau :D Schwanger in Empire sieht man schwanger aus. Du siehst nicht schwanger aus!

Das ist ein schönes Top - der Ausschnitt gefällt mir auch gut und ich mag ja so Flatterärmelchen :D

Isabelle hat gesagt…

I don't think it makes you look pregnant at all. You look gorgeous in your beautiful new top!