Sonntag, Juni 15, 2008

Not in time!

Here's a little story:

10 yrs ago my sister and her boyfriend decided to get married.
Me, 22yrs old back then, was asked to be the witness and I happily agreed.
Money was kind of tight back then and somehow I thought
"Hey, I'll make them a quilt for their bed as a wedding gift!" I gave them a lovely card, bought some fabric and off I went.

Fast forward 10 yrs:
My sisters and my brother-in-laws 10th anniversary was on thursday (CONGRATS btw!) and the quilt is of course not finished.
Over the years I have made around 5 attempts and this year in febuary it really kicked in and I'm sewing blocks since then. I have to make 288 I calculated. 41 are finished. I manage to make 2 an evening but I have soooo little time and did I mention:

I HATE QUILTING? There are 87394503475 other projects I'd rather do.

So I made a compromise: every 41 blocks (that's a 7th of the whole quilt) I'm allowed to sew something else, so there will be some sewing project soon to show. YAY. But that is the explanation why there was so little sewing content here the last weeks. I really tried to finish as much as possible before their anniversary and I hope to finish the quilt within a year now!

(and I'll add a picture soon of one of the very easy but very boring blocks soon)

On another note: Our secret-pal-12 hostesses are giving us a weekly question to answer now. This week it is

"What's your favourite summer?"

O.k. I drink coffee the whole year around but if it is hot here I drink tons of water (still not sparkling ) or Apfelschorle which is applejuice mixed with sparkling water.

I like lemongras-tea too when it is lukewarm. Or peppermint tea.


Alexandra hat gesagt…

288 blocks? How big is this quilt going to be?

Bobbi hat gesagt…

Since I learned to knit, I don't miss quilting AT ALL!!!
Hmmm, lemongrass tea. Don't think I've ever had that. I'll have to see if I can find some and give it a try.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I like lemongrass tea too!!!

I have a similar story, but I'm on your sister's side: when I got married, a frriend of us started a blanket, and we did not receive it yet! (but it was 3 years ago, not 10!)

karin hat gesagt…

I think the history will add to the quilt. It will be so much fun to show it with this story to tell!

Anonym hat gesagt…

What about "modifying" the gift and you'll knit the blanket; may be it's faster (o;

(Vielleicht kannst Du das Geschenk "modifizieren" und strickst statt dessen die Decke; geht bestimmt schneller (o;)

Liebe Grüße aus Berlin,