Mittwoch, Juni 11, 2008

Seattle Part II

Hi there,

did I mention that work is hell at the moment? My colleague quitted his job soon after I came back and now I have to do 2 jobs until september. Kind of stressfull (plus I have the feeling that each and everyone of my female friends is pregnant NOTE: NOT ME: I just have a fluffy tummy! ) but at least I don't have to explain every single step that my ex-co-worker has to do 15 times before he got it right. Although the last 3 months were good with him, I have to admit.

Kind of aaaarrrggghhh that he left the company, now that he was really helping! But back to the topic!

As Alalala guessed right, we weren't in the Netherlands but in Skagit valley and visited Roozen Gardens and the adjoining fields there.

I could have bought tons of tulip bulbs but has anybody recently send stuff via mail to Germany?
Ridiculous! And it's not that our garden has a gigantic size...

After spending time at the Roozen Garden (with fudge... yummy) we drove to the deception pass and spend some time on the island before taking the ferry back home!.
deception pass 1

I loved to take pictures of the bridge!

deception pass2

and here's the proof, that I was there too ;)

Heiko and me at puget sound

The next post will be TONS of Oregon coast pictures!!!
Hope you aren't already bored like some people around here :

Greebo schlafend


Summerset hat gesagt…

Sounds like you've had a great trip! What a cute kitty, too!

Annika hat gesagt…

Greebo is only bored because he didn't get to go...I love Deception Pass, especially in summer. Right now I am drinking tea in that lovely eggshell- thin tea cup you gave me...ahhhh...

tiennie hat gesagt…

I love the tulip festival. Glad that you got a chance to go but it wasn't as full as it was in the past with the poor weather and all.

alala hat gesagt…

Agh, I miss Puget Sound, waaah! But I am comforted by the lovely socks that arrived in yesterday's mail. Thank you so much, they are beautiful and warm and perfect for curling up on the couch and watching the football!

Alexandra hat gesagt…

Lovely pictures, especially the tulips!

Lori hat gesagt…

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

Love the photos but especially the cat - what a pose!