Sonntag, Juni 29, 2008

Sp12: questions no 2 and no 3

Geesh, it seems that I don't get emails via, so I decided I just hopp over to the ravelry group and copy and paste the question buuut
Dear SP, dear host: please let me know if you get my emails!

O.k. here are the questions:

week no 2

As a kid, what did you look forward to most about summer vacation/break/holiday?

My parents house is close to a lake and during summer we spent hours and hours at the lake or at the baltic sea, which is also close by. I love the ocean or water in general. Since money was kind of tight, we did not go on vacation often but we would visit my parents friends in Denmark or rent a house there for a week.
I loved playing outside with all the kids around and having BBQ for Dinner.

week no 3
What would you consider the perfect amount of stash?

Oh, that's a hard one. I really try to keep the amount of yarn managable but it seems that my selfcontroll is uhm to be improved. Read: I really need to stop buying yarn. I have yarn for 3 sweaters/jumpers here, several skeins of sock yarn, yarn that my MIL found in her cupboards that shall be transformed into a kids pullover soon and yarn for 2 shawls. that is enough (although sock yarn is never enough ;) I do knit a lot of socks! they are my commuting projects :)

So, the perfect amount is a couple of skeins of sockyarn that you love and 2 sweaters worth of yarn plus yarn for 2 shawls ;)


Bobbi hat gesagt…

I think that would be the perfect size stash for me as well...if only I could get my stash down to that size!

alala hat gesagt…

Umm, the perfect stash size would be about 1/3 of what I have, but my yarn diet is not going well. See, it doesn't count if you buy it from a friend, and thanks to Ravelry, I have lots and lots of friends now.

By the way, I tagged you. Tacki made me do it.