Freitag, Juni 20, 2008

WWKIPD: I'm the last to blog

no matter what some people say:
I'm the last to blog about World Wide Knit In Public Day which was LAST week on saturday.

Since I figured out, that there wouldn't be too much going on here in my neck of woods I took the train to Hamburg (which was fun! I had purchased a group ticket and just asked people if they wanted to drive with me. They saved a whole lot of money and I did too this way. One of people I asked was a gal with a little child. She's a knitter too!!! and her friend even is on ravelry! YAY!)

I met a lot of very very nice knitters:
Chra, Tina, Cleo, Frau Deutz, Eliandhra
and many more.

I had fun!

I mean I won yarn that matches my outfit!!! Tina had organized the whole day! THANK YOU again! And she somehow got the yarn company "katia" to sponsor our event. We drew lots. For a Euro a piece you could buy the lots and the money went to a cat shelter in Hamburg. I bought 2 and won!

5 skeins of super bulky wool!

Aspen By Kaita

At home, Greebo had to inspect first my bag and second my yarn. He's sooo crazy about wool ;) It runs in the family I guess *giggle*

Greebo's chasing yarn

I also finished my latest pair of socks that weekend and since then I've been working on a couple of gifts. I hope to take a pic of the socks tomorrow as well as of the top I've just finished. Yay, sewing content! I'll also try and get some pictures of the quilting blocks I've finished so far. But I'm not sure if I'll get all this stuff done tomorrow, since tomorrow is my 5th anniversary. I so totally can not believe that the time runs so fast.... geeesh...


bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

i love that picture of you, you are just too cute! :) sounds like you had a lot of fun and congrats on winning the yarn!

madhatter hat gesagt…

...wwkipd klingt immer so ein bißchen nach "heute gehn wir alle nackig" *gg*

scheint so als wäre es toll gewesen - schade, daß von hier immer alles ganz weit weg ist.
löblich, daß du noch nähst (geht mir ja genauso, ich komm auch zu gar nix mehr!) ;)

Summerset hat gesagt…

What fun! Of course, I can't resist commenting on the cute kitty picture. Just as you'd expect a cat to do!

Annika hat gesagt…

What great fun!