Sonntag, Juli 20, 2008

Mystery solved!

Hi everyone,

please excuse if I don't post as regularly as I want to or get back to you via email. Live is still stressfull with me doing 2 jobs since my regular colleague is still not back from university and the other quitted on june 1st....

So instead of 120 customers (that is a third more than the other full-time employee has) I have 180 customers and a couple of projects too... My sewing time is very very limited since I'm too tired on most days to get myself motivated to work on the quilt but all fabric is cut into stripes and I have started sewing on the next blocks.

But before I'll show you my latest sewing projects and acquisitions first a thank you:

Thank you sp12 for sending me the lovely yarn via hipknits. I have not place a pic before because one of the skeins was all tangled up and cut up. Kerrie has promised to send me a replacement. I hope it will arrive soon but here is the untangled skein which was the mystery package that I got a few days ago:

It's a cashmere sockyarn ca. 220m per 50gr and ooohh soooo soft!


When the replacement yarn arrives I'm planning on making a chevron scarf since the yarn is too precious for wearing it at the feet. The colour choice was great too. The scarf would be a nice project for our upcoming trip to Sweden (starting next saturday! yay! knitting time! Time to relax, to read, to listen to audiobooks!)

I also bought some WOLLMEISE!

Rittersporn and Wilder Mohn! Perfect for cookie a. patterns

wilder mohn

and while visiting Maria in Ugerlöse we drove to Copenhagen and I bought some Dale of Norway
dale of norway

The jacket will be transformed into a baby surprise jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I had some troubles with the instructions but thanks to ravelry I found a page that clarifies the pattern ( a bit I still have more stitches than the instructions says but it looks o.k. and I figured out if I have the same amount of stitches on both sides it somehow will work out.

Since the jacket is for a roleplay friend, I'm using a d10 dice to figure out which colour I'm going to use next for how many rows. I stole this idea from David Reidy from the sticks and string podcast:

baby surprise jacket

The picture is very unspectacular but since then I ripped the whole thing out and re-started only to get more stitches AGAIN .... tsss.... I think I've made everything all right...

Project No. 2 BYOB from the summer 08 Knitty in various left-over yarns from other projects:

I'm well into the lace panel by now but again: too stupid to count. A bunch of mistakes but tinking the rows it a PITA, so I just did that today for 3 rows, fixed a big mistake and now I'm going to leave the others in. It's not THAT noticable.

Project no. 3: Booga Bag

The picture is pre-fulling! By now it has dried and just needs the handles

booga bag pre-fulling

And a complete finished object! YAY! Elefante, I love him.


He's a little heavy headed though...

Nothing more to show... no wait! I have some yarn that I overdyed since I really did not like the colours:

Here it is pre-overdyeing

alpine superwash

and after:



Maria hat gesagt…

Elefante is super sweet! Love how he looks in the varigated yarn! Can we have a picture of the head, so one can see the ears?
Also like what you did with the overdyeing, would not have thought of that.. you are simply brilliant!
HUgs and love

Annika hat gesagt…

Love the colors of everything especially that booga bag!

Marietta hat gesagt…

the overdye looks so much better than the orginal! i heard that idea about using a 10 sider (so that means you play whitewolf games :) )- could you imagine using a 20 sider?