Montag, August 25, 2008

I'm in

I'm in, I'm in, I aaaaaaammmm in :)


in the Wollmeise Sockclub

that means I will be on a yarn diet till the end of the year. The club is a little bit more pricey but well worth I hope :)

Plus I did get a shipment today and I'm already dyeing, so there might be a shop update this weekend (finally)
The first colour is done ( I'm making 2 at a time and since the other was requested there are two skeins of Herbstbeet now)
I hope to make something resembling a *Whisp* the next days for alalalala.

I figured out what to do with the orange yarn: add a hood to the BSJ! Picture will follow soon! Light is awefull around here and I'm still knitting on my Mona socks, so I might show you a WIP pic soon too!


KayB hat gesagt…

Congrats! I'm still waiting.... and hoping.... since she didn't do Europe yet. So wish me luck!

madhatter hat gesagt…

ich auch, ich auch! drin, drin, drin *sing*

nosupermom hat gesagt…

Ich war zu geizig, aber ich freu mich für euch!

alala hat gesagt…

Oh yay, congratulations! I was on vacation during the sign-ups, I didn't even find out about them until it was too late. Sigh. Oh well, I guess I'm saving money this way, or something positive like that...

Anonym hat gesagt…

I was on holiday on sign ups too... you're a lucky girl. seriously.

Your SP12

* hat gesagt…

i saw your comment on this page
regarding a technique on insets...would you still have the link for that? i'm currently doing the same built by wendy pattern and would love some help with the inset.
thanks so much!