Sonntag, August 03, 2008

That's done

O.k. you might have guessed it, beeing away for a week without any work left me with plenty of knitting time:

First I finished my BYOB
Pattern: BYOB from the summer issue 2008 from Knitty
size: huge and growing thanks to
Yarn used: Sesia Windsurf cotton (leftovers from the not twisty Peppermint Twist Pullover) 3.5 skeins. 3 of them I tried to dye with cochenille. Guess how I know that natural dyes and cotton don't match
Remnants of some silk I used for a Berroco shirt that came out too big (already at the salvation army) and the Regenbogenwolle (Socks for GMIL)

I messed up the very easy lace part a couple of times (don't knit while beeing on the way to a funeral, that's all I'm saying


It's huge. There are 4 medium sized towels, my and DHs bathing outfits and our sunlotion in there. Will be overdyed though to have a decent colour, that my DH will use when not somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Second (nearly) finished object:

Detroit Tigers Baby surprise jacket

babysurprise jacket

Baseball loving friends of mine are expecting a baby in early September!

Pattern: Baby surprise jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn: about 2 skeins of Dale of Norway yarn

I have to admit that I found the instructions weird at first but this chart by Dawn Adock helped A LOT.

Just the buttons are missing. The dice method worked very well ( yes, whitewolf games but also a variety of others like Chtulluh are calling for d10 dices) as you can see. I still have orange and blue yarn left. I'll never use orange for me, so I'll be making another one, but this time just in blue and orange using the random stripe generator.

Lastly I did cast on something

chevron scarf

This is the chevron scarf from Last minute knitted gifts, the yarn is Hipknits cashmere sock yarn. I love the yarn (was a gift from my SP12 pal!)
I was happy to have good customer service with Hipknits, although there are many negative reviews around! My only complaint: I have no label....

My SP12 pal also send me a second package last week. 2 books from the yarnharlot. YAY! I already started reading. My pal is busy just like me but I hope that she/he will be as relaxed as I am today after her/his vacation! Hope you had fun!

There's also some swatching going on chez tini for the Mona socks by cookie A. but that will be another post. The concept of swatching and making muslins has now really stuck!

And last but not least: Quilt update (I'm going to bore you to death with that but there's next to no other sewing done here...)
Finished 4 (!) blocks today, so
49 done, 239 to go!


bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

wow, you have gotten a lot of knitting done!!! they all look great!

Bobbi hat gesagt…

I'm finishing my 2nd BYOB and still can't over how BIG they are! It should be "BDB" instead of BYOB. (Big D*mn Bag.)
I LOVE your chevron scarf...the colors are great!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Your chevron scarf rocks!!!


Anonym hat gesagt…

But the orangie one is not the one I chose for you... Did you buy any on your own?

I found hipknits customer service very nice, they sent me some samples...

Meg hat gesagt…

That bag beats the one I just made. But, I do think I could stuff mine full of towels, too. It's pretty darned huge.

Deepika hat gesagt…

I love your bag. Remember the pink linen yarn you gave me when I was there? I think this bag is a great project for that yarn. I can't wait to start. How long did it take you to knit this? I'll multiply that by 2 :) You are such a fast knitter!