Freitag, August 15, 2008

We have a winner (and 2/3 of a sock!)

*insert trumpets here*
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I entered all of your comments in the order they came in into the random number generator and voilá

Alala is our winner! Congrats.
Please let me know if you want sockyarn or roving! And what colours :)

And I've been knitting! Yay! It's dark again outside, so the pic is too dark but I could not get DH to take a pic earlier! So I had to lighten it up.

Pattern: Mona by cookie a.
yarn: Cascade heritage

I love the pattern and I love the yarn. Cookie is really amazing! The pattern is so well written! I might even knit them again for my sister for her birthday!

1 Kommentar:

alala hat gesagt…

Wow, yay! I never used to win things before I started knitting. Another thing to be grateful for!

Sock yarn, please, I can't spin. And colors, ooo, choosing is hard. I like oceany colors like blue and green and gray, howbout that?

I'm so excited! Thank you! Do you still have my address from PIF?