Sonntag, August 24, 2008

When knitting keeps you sane!

Hi there,

just a short note :) I spend the whole weekend with my 93 yrs old Granny, whom I love dearly but if somebody tells me "oh, nobody visits me anymore, they are all dead" or "beeing old is really annoying" one more time today I guess I'll freak out.

I've heard that sentence 134 times the last 3 days. But my knitting kept me (relatively) calm, I just scoulded at her once, that beeing young can be hard sometimes too... Got a lot done. I've knitted 2/3s of a BSJ. All ends are woven in ( a million) and the 2 seams are sewn. I still have some of the orange yarn left though.... mmhhh.... I'm not sure if I feel like knitting another BSJ soon.... we'll see!

I'll take a pic tomorrow!


bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

visiting grandparents can sometimes be trying! but i think deep down they really like that you're there and want to "fill in the silence" with stuff, so they repeat a lot! :) i only have one grandmother left and she doesn't know who i am anymore, but we still visit and she enjoys watching the boys run around.

Annika hat gesagt…

You are patience personified. I think when people get really old they don't expect to also get really lonely. I'm glad you had your knitting and that your grandmother also saw that you were knitting; there's something comforting to old folks when they see traditions being carried over to younger generations - it shows them that you actually were paying attention and learned a good skill! :D

Maria hat gesagt…

Oh sweetie - you are such a good person! Yeah for you for taking care of her!