Montag, September 29, 2008

the big blue

nope not me. I mean "Durrow" or what was supposed to be a durrowesque pullover/sweater/jumper for DH.

For some time I'm now knitting on a pullover for Heiko. He does not wear so many handknitted socks (2 pairs total for our yogalessons) and is kind of sensitive when it comes to "itchy" scarves and does not wear hats. So a sweater it is.
We was to choose the colour and I said "no" to black. It does not suit him and I guess I would have poked my eyes out after an evening or so. A very dark grey was also a no-go. So he settled for dark navy. The colour is really nice but still very boring to knit!

As for the pattern he wished for a very plain (stockinette would have been awesome) sweater but I pursuaded him into having a cable on the sleeve! So Durrow it was.

The yarn I'm using is Elann peruvian highland wool and thought the metrage was close to the original yarn I could not get gauge, so I switched to EZ and started a seamless raglan.

So far I have knitted the body up to the point where the sleeves need to be added. It took ages ( or at least it feels this way) but was mindless tv-knitting. Since I forgot my firestarter-sock (which is my current commuting-project) at the sewing meeting yesterday and could not pick it up today, I started knitting the sleeves on the bus.

First: it seems that counting to 41 is kind of hard at 6.50 a.m.
Second: somehow a 2 * 2 ribbing is also kind of hard at that time
third: at 7.15 a.m. I'm not able to thing thru a pattern and how it should be placed on a sleeve so I stopped knitting and thought about it during lunch break

at 5 p.m. I hopped onto my bus home and ripped the whole thing that I knitted this morning back out and started afresh. It went great up to the first "bigger" symbol in the chart.
It said something like "now you have 2 stitches increased" mmmmhhh... I don't want to increase in that row... drats... there are more of those throughout the pattern.... *gnarf*

Since I'm actually too dumb today to think that thru, Heiko will get another cable onto the scarf namely the middle one of "Irene" I bet he won't notice it! *giggle*

Sewing: I finished my trousers! YAY and the baby sleeping bag is 2/3s done. So there will be sewing content on this blog soon!


Kerstin hat gesagt…

You're cheating!

Okay, I do like both cables, I think the Durrow one looks a bit more elvish or dwarfish. ;)
Sometimes you just need a break or another view and then it's suddenly easy.
But I think, your dh wouldn't notice the difference.

kaita hat gesagt…

The Durrow looks great. Although it might be to 'special' for my bf. He was looking into one of my knitting books the other day and showed me a black tweed sweater he liked ;)

We are negotiating...

Did you send a copy of Verena to David? I was laughing so hard when he said 'stricken' :D

alala hat gesagt…

Yeah, you're lucky your husband will wear something so flamboyant. My husband won't wear anything but super-fine, black or charcoal, straight stockinette. I just buy him sweaters.

mem hat gesagt…

Hello Tini I enjoy your blog very much . I know your part of the world well as my aunt lives at Alt Wittenbek and my father grew u in Kiel .I love your knitting What is it about German women and sock knitting . Here in Australia no one knits socks anymore and they ar so lovely . Well done . Marianne