Mittwoch, September 24, 2008

Guess where I've been today

To give you some clues:

This is my baudelaire sock this morning around 7 a.m.

and this is my sock at 10.15 a.m. and I did not drive the car/bus/train for long before getting this far ( plus I'm a medium slow knitter...)

any guesses so far? Huh?

o.k. I had a day off today to go to the hospital for my bi-annual check up and everything was fine diagnosis wise.... Not so fine was the computer crash at the hospital.... I arrived there at 7.40 a.m. with my knitting at hand. Luckily with my knitting at hand that is!
I need to go to office A to get all my "paperwork" that is a nearly empty envelope with a good stack of stickers with my adress and some cryptic numbers. you go there, draw a number and wait. You tell all the other people arriving, that "no, you can't go in there without having your number announced" and "yes, they do get mad at you if you do it nevertheless" and "yes, I do have an appointment too. and really at 8.30 a.m." Somehow I must speak Chinese at this point because a lot of people run into the office after that.
It took me till 8.45 a.m. to get the paperwork :( I showed 2 other patients how to do magic loop and the figure-8-cast-on :)
After getting my stuff I went to get the mamogramm and the sonogramm in office B and C. Before the mamogramm I had to wait another 30 minutes till get into office B and after the 5 minutes it took to get the shots I waited another 30 minutes for the sonogramm in office C. I left the hospital at 10.15.... Lots of knitting time and man was I happy to have it with me.
Funny thing is, that a lot of people talk to me about my knitting when I'm in the hospital. I have the feeling that it does not only calm me down but the other ladies as well. It's a tiny piece of normality and warmth. I also thing, that it makes me more human in their eyes or something.

After that I drove first to my grandma and then to my sister and spend some time with her and her family plus I finished the socks, so here they are in their whole beauty:
Baudelaire fertig

pattern: Baudelaire by cookie a. from
yarn: Fey by Spritely Goods in alpine meadow II. Got this yarn from Ms. B in her huge destash when she took up spinning ;) I think I used around 70 gr out of the 115gr but I'll have to put them onto my scale to check this out.

I love the pattern and I love the yarn but I'm not sure if the pattern and the yarn are so great together!

Here's another shot with my other WIP. A sweater for my husband in boring ähm soothing dark navy blue. It's going to be a figure hugging sweater based on EZ's seamless sweater but with the Durrow-cable running along the sleeves ( read: wanted to use Durrow, could not get gauge!)
Baudelaire und Durrow It's the first sweater I'm making for him and so far he is really happy with it ( I have him try it on on a regular basis :) ) and he even insisted on paying for the yarn ;)
The yarn is Elann peruvian highland wool.

AAAND I've cut something out for sewing and I nearly finished my pair of trousers! The trousers will be finished tomorrow. I'll be meeting with a sewing friend and she will help me determine the final lenght.

I did cut out another sleeping back since my friend Bille gave birth to a little baby boy. She and her husband were pretty happy about the BSJs!
The baby boy has gotten the unusual name "Rufus Elias "I love the name Elias. Not good with my last name but I really like the sound of Elias.


Annika hat gesagt…

Glad to hear your hospital ordeal is over with! I like the color of those socks and you'll be happy to know I wore my steely grey "Tini" socks today to work!

Silke hat gesagt…

Hi Tini!

Wir sind froh, dass Du "sauber" bist ! :-)

Ich erfuhr letzte Woche von einer Kollegin, dass es bei ihr (1 1/2 Jahre nach der Chemo) leider nicht so ist...schiet.

Wir freuen uns mit Dir. Und um es mit EZ zu sagen: "Knit on with confidence and hope through all crises."

Ganz liebe Grüße,

Silke+ Erdnuss

bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

I think they look great!!! Glad to hear that everything is still ok diagnosis wise!

madhatter hat gesagt…

gut, daß alles in ordnung ist :)

mit dem ergebnis sind die socken gleich nochmal so schön (und sie SIND ja schon wirklich sehr schön!)

Summerset hat gesagt…

A good doctor's visit and some very pretty socks! You certainly are blessed.

Pia Pessoa hat gesagt…

Liebe Tini,
wirklich gut, dass du Dein Strickzeug mithattest. Sonst können einem in solchen Situationen sicher noch mehr unangenehme Gedanken kommen als eh schon...
Mir gefallen die Socken gut! Auch wenn ich selber beim Stricken sicher auch gedacht hätte, ob Muster und Socken passen, so würde ich jetzt sagen: Passt doch, ätsch!

Schönes Wochenende,