Montag, September 01, 2008

I'm a product knitter

and I can proof it.

3 (three!) FOs should be proof enough.
I have nothing on the needles as for now :)

So finished are:

My chevron scarf

Pattern: Chevron scarf from "Last minute knits"
Yarn: Cashmere sock yarn in 2 unknown colourways from Hipknits ( a lovely gift from my secret pal )

chevron scarf II

Baseball and Babies

Pattern: Baby surprise jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn: Baby Ull by Dale of Norway in Orange and Blue since the father of the yet-not-born-baby is a huuuge Detroit Tigers fan

baby surprise jacket

(sorry for the bad picture...)

Mona not Lisa
Pattern: Mona by cookie A.
Yarn: Cascade Heritage 70gr, so I have 30 gr left....mmmhh....
Needles: Knitpicks circs (with the metal tip and not an option needle) in size 2.5

mona finished

Since that was the last project on the needles, I started swatching my newest project
another Cookie A. pattern: Baudelaire

Have you seen madhatters gorgeous version? I wanna have them too :)

Beside finishing all of those I dyed some yarn the last weeks and will be updating my small dawanda shop soon (need to re-skein first, take picture etc. though first...) and I'm winding a lot of yarn in to yarncakes at the moment but I'll be sewing tonight! I've made a deal with Karin from Cut in Twain. She's going to sew 14 blocks for the quilt for me and I'll be knitting her some socks. So I figured out, that it will be o.k. to finish the pair of trousers I started on 4th of July while beeing in Denmark.


bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

wow, 3 FOs! You should be very proud!!! And they are all beautiful!

madhatter hat gesagt…

da schließe ich mich an...
die socken sind mindestens so schick wie der schal! ^-^

Maria hat gesagt…

Wow sweetie - it all looks great! And I really like the socks! Itlooks like a fun pattern!
Hugs and love

KayB hat gesagt…

Oh wow... you really were a busy bee. I really like the chevron scarf and the socks are tdf!

Anonym hat gesagt…

I'm happy to see that you used my yarn! You look lovely!
great socks too!!!


Annika hat gesagt…

Too freakin' gorgeous!!!

mel hat gesagt…

You ARE a product knitter!! Go Tini!

What a lovely chevron scarf (and pretty, snuggly SP yarn! What a lovely gift!), great baby gift and beautiful socks (love, love Cookie A, though I have yet to make one of her patterns - and love Katrin's Baudelaires!)

Marietta hat gesagt…

wow! you have been amazingly busy! i wish i could say the same - the scarf looks so soft - i love that picture of you too - cute hair!