Mittwoch, September 10, 2008


Hi there,

I'm at my friends place, babysitting the cutest godchild ever. So time for blogging! YAY.

There's a cold just around the corner and the last few days were spend in front of the tv or sleeping early. It does not help that we rented "Firefly" on DVD too (Love SciFi!)

Mailwise this week has been incredible so far. I got my Wollmeise shipment and it's lovely. If you want pics you'll have to hop to ravelry to the spoiler thread though.
I'm going to share my shipment with Karina, since one of the skeins is more her than me and why having all the fun alone (although I'm soooo jealous that she met the yarnharlot)

Next I got a skein of Tausendschön in a private swap with Sonja (cool podcast!) in exchange for the leftover skeins of Dale of Norway in white which I did not need anyway. It's great too!

(insert mental image of a pic here since I did not upload one to flickr before leaving home)

But the biggest parcel arrived yesterday. I was expecting it since my SP12 pal had already send me a note .

secret pal parcel

coool stuff, huh?

I have more pics of the yarn but again not uploaded. I really need to start all the lace projects I'm talking about since there are 3 different kinds of yummy lace plus 3 balls of cashsilk (oooohhh soooffft!) AND some yarn that my spoiler handdyed for me! (the light teal one. Perfect. I'm thinking about tudora or maybe a hat?)

And my SP12 pal made this übercool knitting bag and some sockblockers for me. There's my current project on one! (Baudelaire. I just have 1 current project. No other WIPs, no ufos, I'm weird)

Since my SPpal seems to be able to read my thoughts there was soap and handcream in there too. Love soap! Plus some knitting goodies! Including an Italian knitting magazine! Funny thing is, the Italian models look as weird as the Germans. The knitted objects are nice but the ladies... funny!

Thank you SP pal for spoiling me soo much! I love the package!


bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

wow, what a great package!!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

I'm sooo glad you liked my package...
I'll keep on reading your blog, just to see how you'll transform the yarns into shawls.

about sockblockers... is it the right size? there aren't wooden ones in my country, so I found a template on the net and made them for you.

good luck, for everything.


Elizabeth Anne Easter hat gesagt…

Great package! I believe those first two are 'vintage'. My husband is East German, and his grandmother gave me all of her old yarn. Most were from companies that haven't existed in a very long time. She also had a few that seemed to be Italian?! Anyway, the wrappers remind me of others I received, so I think you have some very retro wolle there. :) ~Lisa