Montag, Oktober 20, 2008

Sewing content!

yes, apparently this is a sewing and knitting blog, although I admit, that at the moment it is mostly a knitting blog. Somehow the quilt of doom has sucked away all my sewing mojo and I'm really struggeling to get it done. It's slow work. Here a block and there a block but it seems overwhelming but I'm not giving up, it just might need a bit more time than expected and I need to sew something else once in a while.

I did testsew Alma by Madhatter but somehow taking pictures wasn't a good idea today.

I love both, the bag and the cat :) and the cat loves the bag....

But I did some "real" sewing too:

My heavily modified Onion 4021 which normally has a kind of drawstring closure, but still a zipper, that has just style-function and is not really working and darts below the knee.

Since I was working with the Danish instructions I did not get it, that the zipper was just for the looks and installed it completely as a fly-front zipper. Huh, what to do now? Just leave it in and modify the waistband!

The fabric I was using is a teal pinstriped linen (the colour of the second picture) and the darts looked so out of place, that I took them out.

In the end these trousers are just really plain trousers altough I used a wide non-roll elastic trim as a facing for the waistband to keep the linen from growing and sliding off my hips ( I had that happen once in the bank.... awefull!) plus I wore the basted trousers for a couple of hours and ended up taking in some at the waist (not at the hips though).

For interest I added some fake pocket flaps to the backside of the trousers.

The trousers will go into the cupboard for next summer and I hope to wear them often next year. I don't think November is a good time for teal linen trousers! But it's stash reduction! (And I started them in July....)

the other cat (named cookie) wanted to be blurry in a picture too.

Note to myself: need to loose those extra two kilos I gained since July to avoid the shown camel toe!

Last not least I made another sleeping bag for one of the zillion babies that are born around here. Also stash reduction! Still so many meters to go!

My next project will be Onion 1032 in a knit that has been aging in my stash for the last 2 years and takes up a lot of pace, so I'm making the "coat" plus hood ;)

But I'm not promising too many dates here (except that I made a deal with a knitting friend, that she has to finish her sons trousers by Nov. 15 and I have to finish this... tomorrow will be cutting day!!)


yasmin hat gesagt…

Cutting day? Tomorrow? Not obligatory, is it? :)

I have to play school crossing guard tomorrow morning (really, is that the term? I looked it up in, but it still sounds like a made-up word from 'englisch for runaways vol.2' or something...) and more important:
before I can do *any* cutting at all I have to check measures and adapt the trouser construction or - if he has grown too much - make a completely new pattern.

Yessss, my son gets to wear made-to-measure pants :) since he is way too thin to wear rtw pants.

But Nov. 15 is it, I'm in ;)

Btw.: Cute cats!

KayB hat gesagt…

Kudos to you regarding the trousers. It's now over a year I did some trousers and I'm never really happy with them - so avoid doing them.
What a cutie of a sleeping bag and you have to chase your kitty away (I know how hard this is!) to take a proper photo of your little bag (ahh... just kidding).

madhatter hat gesagt…

höhö... katzentransporttasche... wäre auch eine möglichkeit! ;)

schicke hose - der stoff ist schön, und sie sitzt sehr gut. neid von hier aus! ich sollte auch mal wieder was nähen, glaub ich.... *seufz*

Summerset hat gesagt…

I tested the Alma bag, too! I guess I need to post about mine soon. Your cats are cute as always and those trousers will be perfect, for next summer, of course!

bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

you are very bold for wearing teal pants! it looks really good on you - i could NEVER pull that off!!!

yasmin hat gesagt…

btw: I finished my son's pants the day before yesterday :o)

TWO pairs! embroidered! YAY!