Sonntag, November 02, 2008


I know that the song is "october" but I really love the song beeing played with "new years day" as one song. (although I love it without new years day too...) I've been to two U2 concerts... not enough....

But now that october is over I totalled the meter knitted for the socktober challenge by the stash and burn group on ravelry. I had set a goal of 800 meters thinking, that that would be accomplished by knitting 2 pair of socks... I was wrong.
After 2 pairs I was just at around 450 meters since the 6-ply I used for the pair of my dads socks didn't have much meterage.
In the end I knitted 3.5 pairs and a total of 805 meters!


From left to right:
  • plain vanilla toe-up socks for my niece out of some left-over Knitpicks essential in Peacock
  • the first of a pair of embossed leaves for Karin in my own handdyed MeriSil (a merino-poly-blend with silver ions) colourway " I put my blue jeans on"
  • ugly toe-up socks for my dad. Now that this yarn is gone I don't have any sockyarn left, that I don't like.
  • another pair of embossed leaves, this time for Ute in another Ostseegarn. This time it's a ramie-blend called Thunderstorm
  • Now I'm completely socked out. Of course the second sock for Karin will be finished (it's my bus project but in the evenings I'll be sewing or knitting on Heikos Pullover)


    Kerstin hat gesagt…

    Tztz, didn't we want Ute to learn to knit? Or is this a teaser like "you can do this ALL by yourself"? ;)

    Marietta hat gesagt…

    that was a rocktober of socktober!
    quite impressive if you ask me!

    Bobbi hat gesagt…

    Congratulations on completing four pair!!

    Jennifer hat gesagt…

    Thank you once again for the sweater you knit for Rhiannon. As soon as we got home, Rosemary claimed it and she wears it to school. Have a great November!

    Anonym hat gesagt…

    Ich habe meine Socken heute bekommen und bin ganz verzückt. Diese Farben und dieses wunderschöne Muster- traumhaft. Das Foto hier wird dem Paar gar nicht gerecht.
    Tini ist eine wahre Nadel-und Wollkünstlerin!

    Liebe Grüße