Freitag, November 21, 2008


Since my last post was a little brief, here’s what have I been up to the last weeks?

First: More yarn acquisition. Thanks to Kate I got some yarn from the GGH anniversary sale. I need to keep in mind, that they have a store enclosed to the plant, where they produce the yarns.

ggh maxima

The yarn is Maxima, 100% Merino 110 m per 50gr ball. I’m thinking about making a Sahara Sweater. I bought the pattern when Stitch Diva had the 5 USD-sale.

And then there was my friend Bille, who gave me some yarn that her mum had somewhere in a closet (with lots of uhm not so my taste perfume as it seems)


It's Nanette by Phildar ( 50% wool 40 % angora 10% polyamide) and I have 9 tiny balls of it.

I also traded some yarn in a Tauschbox, which is a box of sockyarn that is send amongst knitters and you can take some out of it but you have to put some back in....

Second: I have a new cool book

I won the 30 USD gift certificate from Mels raffle from her walk for cure-fundraising. How cool is that? Helping a good cause AND win! I thought about donating the money but then decided that I needed a little reward myself once in a while ;) and since I can’t get the “new pathways for sock knitters” book by cat bordhi here in Germany, I ordered it via and with the help of the gift certificate I just had to pay very little money for a very cool book. I just started to read the first baby-sock instruction and hope to knit my way thru the book once I’ve finished my current project(s) which leads me to …

Third: current projects

O.k. what is on or under the needle?

Surprisingly “the quilt of doom”. It really kills most of my sewing mojo but somehow it “flows” at the moment. I finished 6 of my tiny blocks in 2 days and already started the next two.

Over on ravelry in the German “WIP-Group” we have a thread about finishing our sewing-WIPs. Yasmin and I had set our goals for October/November and I found setting achievable smaller goals really helps me being focused. Goals like “sew 40 blocks until christmas” are just overwhelming for me. But 10 blocks plus an Alma bag until the 15th of December is reasonable and motivating as you can see.

I’m also thinking of making my nieces and nephews pyjamas for Christmas. My nieces are 5 + 6 yrs old and my nephews are 3 + 1 yrs old so, the pieces are kind of small and if I use the same fabric for the nieces and the same fabric for the nephews I can set up a little line production. I just have to ask my sister and my sister in law if pink is still “in” with my nieces, since I do have the fabric already in stash.

I think I’ll stick to easier projects until the quilt is done. It just takes too much time to sew bigger projects although I’m eyeing a vintage pattern in my stash. I might make myself a new dress for Christmas but we’ll see how I’m progressing with my other plans.


My commuting project for the last couple of weeks was the second sock for Karin. The first sock was finished during socktober but since I knitted so many pairs of socks in just one month I can not motivate myself to knit on it when I’m in front of the tv.

And since yesterday they are done done done!

I put my blue jeans on III

I had planned to knit myself “an American in china” and have already wound the yarn (collinette jitterbug) into a ball buuuuut I'll slip in a pair of Christmas socks. I'll be making some monkeys for my sisters mother-in-law.

With my part of the family we simplified Christmas a bit as I mentioned last year. My sisters’ kids get gifts but we adults draw lots. Each of the adults just gives one of the other adults a gift and this year I’m gifting my sisters MIL. We mostly celebrate together with my sisters MIL since she would be alone otherwise. It’s so much easier if you just have to think about 1 person to give a gift instead of 8.

regia saturn

My other WIP is Heikos sweater/jumper/pullover. I finished the first sleeve and added it to the body. The second sleeve is already 82 rows long. I’m participating in the Namoswemo (national months of sweater something) contest on the Stash and Burn ravelry group. Again, you set your own goals and mine was to finish both sleeves up to the point where I add them to the body ( it’s going to be a raglan, knitted in the round, so that is the reason why…) The first sleeve took 112 rows and I still have 9 days to finish the remaining 30 rows. Since I have knitted 10 today that seems totally reasonable.... Unfortunately it is a dark blue sweater and without natural light it's nearly impossible to make a decent picture.


madhatter hat gesagt…

oh-mein-gott bist du fleißig!
da krieg ich ein schlechtes gewissen, weil hier eigentlich so wenig los ist... huh!

schöööööööööne socken... und das rot von der wolle ist richtig *hrrrrrch*!
hast du schonmal überlegt die in so einem trockner-reinigungsbeutel von dem parfum zu befreien? ich weiß nicht, wie das zeug heißt, aber das *könnte* funktionieren.

S. hat gesagt…

sehr schöne Wolle! *neid* Shara ist auch in meiner "queue"

mel hat gesagt…

Yay!! I'm so glad that you got the book :)

And your socks are beautiful, I've wanted to knit those for a long time, someday I will!