Sonntag, November 16, 2008

tap tap tap

anybody still there?
Sorry for beeing so silent AGAIN but somehow my sewing mojo got lost and after finishing so many socks in October I'm totally socked out so to say and I'm working on Heikos sweater instead which takes more time because he is quiet tall (but luckly very slim) and since I'm now working on the sleeves, I have cables crossing every other row, so that is a bit more challenging.
(Of course there are still socks on my needles, I have to finish the pair of which I just had finished the first one in October but they are coming along somewhat slowly, just beeing knitted on while beeing on the bus)

BUUUT Yasmin and I had an agreement for the time from the 15th of october till the 15th of november. She wanted to finish some trousers for her son and I wanted to sew a knit-coat (since I'm too slow to knit a coat myself). Yasmin finished well in time but I just finished today :( but still here it is:

Onion 1032

and here's my review (also on
Pattern Description: jacket or coat with collar or hood out of felted wool or heavy knit fabrics.
Jacket/Coat closes with one or two ties in the front, has slightly bellshaped sleeves. Darts in the front and in the back make this jacket more shaped that most patterns for this type of fabric.
I made a coat with a hood and two ties in the front.
Pattern Sizing: 34-46. I made a size 40 but should have gone up to a size 42 around the hips.
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Kind of. But that is more due to me beeing not able to mark the hood/front facing with tailors tacks, so that I could follow the sewing line :(
Were the instructions easy to follow? The instructions are sparse but o.k. I got the English instructions via and they helped a lot (my Danish is still sparse)
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I like the length and that it has really nice waist-shaping.
Dislike: I'm not sure about the size of the hood I have to say but maybe that is just because I'm not used to it.
Fabric Used: A very heavy mystery knit, that I got during a store closeout.
Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:
I used a variety of different parts from the different views because I really wanted to have a hood ( Not sure why, this coat is for cuddeling up on the couch). I also finished every s.a. with bias binding ( around 20 meter..) so it took quiet a while to finish the coat and somehow it looks strange in the hood :(
Next time I would go to a size 42 over the hips since it's a bit snug around there.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Yes I would sew it again, now that I have made my wearable muslin. I think it's a cool pattern for felted wool but I recommend making a muslin first!


KayB hat gesagt…

Yeah, it is very quiete at the moment, but I'm still here - if not posting than at least I skim over my fav blogs.
Wow, from here it looks as if it's knitted (if it wouldn't be for the satin tape)!
Looks great, Tini!

madhatter hat gesagt…

I'm starting to sweat just from looking at it.
the sweater looks warm, the coat even warmer!

you surely won't freeze, will you?! ;)

Summerset hat gesagt…

You look so cozy, very cozy and warm! I could use one of those now that it is getting colder here!

Bobbi hat gesagt…

I'm still here. I hope your ability to bundle up isn't a sign that we're in for a cruel winter. ;-)

bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

The coat looks great! And yep, sewing something takes 1/100th of the time that knitting something does!