Mittwoch, Dezember 31, 2008

Happy new year and my current WIPs

So, it's here the last day of 2008 and somehow I have the feeling that this year flew by despite our trips to the US, Sweden and London I mostly remember working long hours and have the feeling that I did not accomplished much. (I know that this is nonsense but still). I hope that 2009 will have a slower pace.

So here are pictures of my current knitting WIPs

rapsody in raspberry
February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne
size: M
yarn: Elann Incense (which is lovely but has a lot of knots in it!)

As you can see, I do have a new haircut. Somehow I'm not 100% satisfied. I think I do look a lot like Prince Valiant (Prinz Eisenherz).

The second WIP are my Magic Mirror socks. I frogged the American in China, they were just too dense and cast on those yesterday. They are def. not suitable for riding the bus!

Magische Spiegel 1

Pattern: Magic Mirror by Jeannie Cartmel
Size: small because of the yarn
yarn: Collinette jitterbug in jay

I also do sew on my pair of trousers and messed up the weltpocket again. I think before having two ugly pockets in the trousers I'll just leave the second one off.
I hope to learn how to make welt pockets in 2009!


...AnnaRose... hat gesagt…

Hi tini,

I don't know what it is but I have and had the same problems with Elann yarn. I knitted with Highland wool in worsted and chunky and there were also a lot of knots in it :(

Happy New Year!

Anne from Calgary

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Don't talk of welt pockets.. I really can sew but those kind of pockets always drive me mad!

I like your new haircut, it's not so Prince Valiant like as you think. ;) It looks much better than mine, I still look like a bad hair day on the run.

KayB hat gesagt…

oh... I like the haircut.... you look even more like Natalie P. to me :-)
Happy New Year! :-)

Annika hat gesagt…

I hate welt pockets really really bad! Your new haircut is very cute!
Happy New Year, Tini!

Summerset hat gesagt…

No, not Prince Valiant - don't you need to be more blonde for that? Seriously, I like it!

Welt pockets are not an easy technique to master - do not be discouraged over them. With practice they do get better!

FrauSchlamuser hat gesagt…

I like your new haircut, too! It is really cute, and I think it looks like a haircut in the twenties, which I really love... You just have to wear lots of deep red lipstick now!


Ühltje hat gesagt…

I like your haircut. You will be my princess Valiant then. Wahaha.

Alexandra hat gesagt…

Happy New Year!