Montag, Dezember 08, 2008

More on Heikos sweater

Adam asked where to find the pattern for Heikos pullover:

There is no finished pattern :) I used Elizabeth Zimmermans Knitting Without Tears for the basic recipe (the seamless raglan).
There are a lot of nice versions to see on ravelry!

The cable pattern came from this scarf:
Irene by Mélusine. I just used the big cable in the middle but this pattern from Drops would also work!

My yarn is Elann peruvian highland wool, a 100% wool yarn and I swatched "in pattern" meaning a 4x2 rib, that I used for the body and the sleeves.

I mostly followed EZ's instructions except for the sleeve increases because the sleeves came out too tight (and I ripped one back!), so I increased the ratio of increases (does that make sense?)



P.S. the boys pjs are nearly done. I can make it! Keep your fingers crossed. I'll trace the girls patterns today and I hope to cut them out too!

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