Mittwoch, Dezember 17, 2008

Step by step (no, not the 90s song from the NKOTB…)

I do make progress on the girls’ pyjamas (see learned something) but really the steps are tiny. 
Maria asked me if my day had more minutes than hers and as we know, that is kind of not possible (although I don’t smoke so I don’t “have” to take brakes to smoke and that does add up!) but I try to squeeze in some sewing every day now. 

I’m not sure, why I decided on making Christmas gifts. I’m normally not “into” gift sewing. Maybe it’s because I did have all this flannel in my stash and I wanted to destash a bit? Maybe! So, I'm trying to squeeze in some sewing every day.

On Monday  we were at home at 9 p.m. and I was very tired after a hectic day at work and meeting with a friend at a Glühwein-booth (a hot, spiced, sweet,sticky wine) BUT I managed to make the pockets for the pjs and sewed them onto the fronts. They came out a bit crocked but they are just decoration on a pyjama for a 6 yr. old, so I figured out just to leave them the way they are. It took me around 40 minutes to finish 2 pockets and attach them to the fronts. I think I might be a little overambitious, since I mitered all the corners of the pockets….. 

I hope to get a bit of work done today. The bottoms are done (incl. self made piping), the collar is done, the sleeves are set in(there’s also piping in the sleeves)  and now "all" that is left to do is serging the side seams, miter 4 more corners on each pjyama (the top has slits on the sides) and topstitch everything. I decided to sew until 8 p.m. today, so I hope to get at least some corners mitered. 

At least the socks are done... yay!!! On thing to cross off from my list!


Christina hat gesagt…

I had to laugh out loud at the NKOTB reference - do you know they are back together now?

I will be doing some Christmas gift sewing this weekend...

Annika hat gesagt…

I too am not normally one of those Christmas-gifty-maker people but this year I've been maing candles, soap, knit thingies and paper Chirstmas ornaments. Freaky weird. it must be because I am snowed in...must update my blog...must update my blog...oh crap! Am I mumbling to myself again???

KayB hat gesagt…

Well, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family!