Freitag, Dezember 12, 2008

Tagged :)

First of all: thank you so much for you nice comments about the sweater (still not blocked) and my husband. I too think both are gorgeous ;) hihihi (for the anglophile amongst my readers it sounds like hee hee hee).
So DH has not worn the sweater yet but my dad got his ugly socks yesterday and he likes them ;) He put them on the second he unwrapped the package but decided that the socks might not be a good idea when going out to a chinese restaurant since they are made from a 6ply...

I'm still working on my christmas stuff. The boys pjs are done (and one of you native speakers enlight me if you do put an ' after boy and pj or is that as wrong as in German?) and I'm going to cut out the girls version tonight and I hope to get the bottoms done tonight too!

So no pictures yet but I got tagged by KayB and this one was new and fun, so I'm going to play along.

The rules are easy:

Okay, the instructions for the meme are as follows:
*Go to your sixth picture folder and pick your sixth picture.*Pray you remember the details.*Tag five others.

See, I said easy.
My sixth picture folder has the title "Dänemark" aka Denmark.
And since we visited a rosegarden in summer 2007 the sixth picture is a rose.

That was with the old camera. I now know how to use the makro....
Now the hard part :)
I'm tagging just a 4 people


Kathleen C. hat gesagt…

Well, the rule on ' depends on whether there is one boy or two.
One boy: boy's pjs
Two boys: boys' pjs
It goes between the end of the word and the s if it's one person who owns something and after the s if it is more then one person who owns something.
Never use ' if the s is there to make the word plural (so no ' in pjs).

Except its vs. it's. Then the ' is only used for "it is", not for "it owns"

I hope this helps... I tutored non-English speaking learners for a while and English is a very confusing language.

Bloomsbury hat gesagt…

Gut erklärt! Da kann ich mein Englisch ja wegpacken, aber da ich mir schon Gedanken darüber gemacht habe, poste ich sie auch:

It depends on how many boys you are talking of: speaking of one boy it's the boy's, speaking of two or more boys it's the boys'.
pjs = pyjamas? The plural-s is added without apostrophe.

Greets from Hazel Bloomsbury who is practising her English ;-).