Sonntag, Januar 25, 2009

2+1+1 and a bit

(anybody else listening to Stash and Burn? Imagine the way that Jenny says HELLLOOOO at the beginning of each podcast)

it's me tini and I'm not here to teach you how to count of do your math but to show you my progress knitting AND sewingwise. Yes, sewing! My mojo finally came back! The reason might, be that I already finished my 10 blocks for the quilt this month and so I had some time to sew something else. That keeps me going it seems plus I used a TNT (tried and true) pattern for my projects. I made two pairs of trousers from the august issue 2003 of the Knipmode magazine. I have made this pattern already twice and now twice more
Kniphose Version 3 Front
This is no.1 (both versions have been worn to work already but we took the advantage of good or better light than usual today to take pictures. I haven't washed them since wearing, so any wrinkles are due to sitting and me standing awefull. I need to find my waist too. O.k. normally I don't have that shirt tucked inside but still... Tomorrow I will be back on my diet. Meaning eating more fruit!)

These trousers are normal waisted but my crotch-depth is a little shorter and I forgot to alter the pattern. It looks really high (and is) but this has the advantage to controll the tummy a bit!

I added an welt pocket to this version:
Kniphose Version 3

I need to go to the gym more often too. My behind is enormous!
Fabric: Polysomething from Stoff og Stil from Denmark. Wears beautifully! 1.5 meter from stash!
Still have around 6 meter in stash of that one!

Same pattern but I added front pockets and made the waistband a lot smaller (2 cm) I also topstitched all edges twice with white thread to mimik the pinstripe.
Fabric: Another polyblend I guess, bought 2005 or so in Hamburg at Tietz Stoffe. 1.5 meter from stash, around 3 more meter in stash.

This were the "2" from the headline.
The jacket is the February Lady sweater I'm working on. 1 sleeve is done and the other is already started. Needs to be blocked to fit but I blocked my swatch and it did grew a bit, so I'm quiet confident, that the cardigan will fit. My personal photographer (DH) forgot to tell me to adjust my collar :( Need to train him better but I'm happy if he can turn the camera on since I do most of the pictures when we travel and I seldom give him the opportunity to practise.
The yarn is from Elann and although I do love the colour and the feel, I'm not 100% happy since a lot of skeins had a lot of knots in them. Since I can't get the yarn here (or just with paying an insane amount of shipping) this will not bother me further since the decision if to buy more of it will not occure soon!
This was the 1 and a bit from the headline

Coming to my last project to show:
My plain vanilla sock (in a blurry picture). I'm trying to get some of the industrial yarns out of my stash. This was my least favourite yarn when I got it from a co-worker (o.k. maybe I disliked the yarn I used for Dads ugly socks even more), so I overdyed it. It looks really nice now but after knitting with the collinette jitterbug it feels so less nice and scratchy. I have the fear that it will not hold up well, so I decided to knit plain vanilla toe up socks.

I have ripped half of the sock so far because they came out much too big with the gusset starting 10cm before the heel. Now I started the gusset at around 11.5 cm before the heel( end of my foot) and they are still a bit loose but I'm not ripping them again.
plain vanilla2
And this is the last "1" from the headline.

Knittingwise it will be finishing the two projects for me but sewingwise I already started a new project.

We are invited to a fantasy-medivial-themed wedding in April and I'm making us new costumes. Heiko will get a shirt and a pair of trousers. He picked a teal-aqua cotton for the shirt and this is what I'm sewing at the moment. I hope to finish it soon and show you the pictures.

Btw: Shall I blog bilingual too? I could install the choice thingy but I know for sure, that it would slow me down....

So long!


madhatter hat gesagt…

you've been busy, no?!

can't wait to see the ladysweater finished!

Gesche Johanna hat gesagt…

Die Hosen sehen ja stark aus. Steht dir mindestens so gut, wie der FLS. :)
Schande über mich, aber bisher ist Knipmode irgendwie an mir vorbeigegangen... wo bekomme ich sowas? War das was Niederländisches? *grübel*

Lieben Gruß
Gesche Johanna,
die dringend auch mal ein paar normale Stoffhosen gebrauchen könnte... nicht immer nur Jeans, die ihre Kilos wegdrücken. *lach*

Summerset hat gesagt…

Some very nice things! I love the grey trousers and the red sweater will be wonderful when finished. I do love red sweaters, though (I've got 4 and need to replace #5 that I gave away!).

nosupermom hat gesagt…

I really like the February Lady Sweater! I plan on making one for myself but I am not too sure about its fit for a larger bust. Would you knit one for your sister?

The trousers are very nice, too.

Where did you rediscover your sewing mojo (maybe mine is hiding at the same place...)?

Tany hat gesagt…

I'm glad your sewing mojo is back! Those pants look great on you!