Donnerstag, Januar 01, 2009

Goals? What goals?

O.k. with a bit of horror I discovered, that I made some resolutions for 2008 at the end of 2007, so let's see what I've accomplished from my "list of goals"
  1. Knit a pair of socks out of each of the 3 sockpattern books that I own
    Two out of three, not bad. Need to knit more from my books though
  2. Keeping track of what I have knitted and sewn incl. yardage
  3. Reduce my fabric stash. This year I have done o.k. with purchasing but I feel kind of overwhelmed by the amount of fabric that I own. To do that I want to sew at least
    -2 pyjamas Made 5 kids pyjamas, I think that counts
    -1 pair of jeans Nope
    -the hoodie for rosie DONE
    -a 1016 onion anorak for me DONE. For my sister but I made one.
    -2 t-shirts DONE! I made at least 3!
    -a blouse from the heringbone cotton fabric I own Nope
    -2 vintage garnments including "viva scandinavia" Nope, just made the viva scandinavia
  4. try out 6 new techniques for our sew-along which focusses on new techniques! Nope!
  5. Put all the pics from our 2005 journey to New England into the picture books before going to visit Annika in the US next year! DONE
  6. Continue to de-clutter Not really. Need to get back on track!
  7. sew up my 2 ufos left DONE, there's another one though
  8. make myself a needlecase from the fabric I got from my sp11 pal Katja DONE
  9. make my PIF gifts DONE! Not in time but done!

Not bad. I got a lot of the stuff done, that I wanted to. My stash is still too big and the quilt takes away a lot of my sewing mojo...

O.k. and now the "resolutions" for 2009

- of course: working on the quilt. I want to make at least 100 blocks for the quilt in 2009
- make 10 things from stash or at least incorporate some stash fabric in projects(sewing)
- make a sweater/Cardigan/top from stash (knitting)
- be more selfish when it comes to knitting
- make at least 3 pairs of socks for me either from my ravelry queue or from my books
- knit up some of the Wollmeiseyarn, that I have in my stash. It's not good just knitting with the
semi-nice yarn and fondling the more expensive yarn. It's there to be used.
- post all projects with yardage/weight on my blog, so that I can make a total at the end of 2009

This year I have fewer resolutions, but that is o.k. with me!

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madhatter hat gesagt…

keine vorsätze hier - halte ich eh nicht ein, und für vorsätze brauch ich kein neues jahr, aber du hast dir eine ganze menge vorgenommen. ich werde das überwachen *gg*
die peitsche liegt bereit, falls es mal nicht vorwärtsgeht. pfiff genügt ;)

ich wünsche dir ein wunderschönes neues jahr - diesmal mit planung eines "größeren projekts"?!