Sonntag, Februar 15, 2009

finishing ufos: sewing sunday

Hi everybody,

I know, that I should be blogging the latest sockstory but I just don't feel like it. Instead I have been sewing (since it's sewing sunday and I was at home all day, I thought I should stick to my new resolution).

Today I finished my long long long time ufo. I think I started the jacket I finished today in early spring 2007 but it might have been in 2006. Actually it was just a try-out for another project but turned out well and the fabric was nice too, so I thought of finishing it.

But uhm somehow it got into hibernation until a friend (blogless) and I decided to meet for finishing ufos and there I finished the jacket itself. It just needed a closure but both Anja and I didn't like the doublebreasted style on me and I wanted another belt to match the project. Since it had been a while since I made the jacket I could not find any remaining fabric to make the belt in my stash. That is when the jacket went into hibernation until last autumn, when I dug thru my fabric stash and folded everything instead of rolling it and lo and behold: I found remnants of my fabric. Hurray!!!

For some reason unknown to me (let's call the reasons: quilt of doom o.k.?) ;) I just did not want to sew the belt. Stupid me. It took me around an hour today to cut the strips, sew them up, interface them and sew the belt itself! So that is done. Unfortunately it is dark dark dark outside, so you will have to wait for a picture.

I also finished Heikos shirt. Next project will be my gown for my friends wedding. Starting tomorrow, when Anja and I meet again.

Parting shot:
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